Success with Easyread

Rosie has come so far with her reading thanks to Easyread. We feel it is time to move on. Thanks for all of your help. We may be back for Spell Magic!

Easyread did the job!

Thank you for the course. It helped Kate learn to read! A great course, where teachers and classroom reading could not help Kate learn to read, Easyread did the job!

Famous Dyslexics: Mike Norris, Computacenter CEO

CEO Mike Norris runs Computacenter, Europe’s largest reseller of computing goods. He’s been an entrepreneur since his teenage years… and he has dyslexia. Norris was born and raised in Essex. He struggled with literacy as soon as he started school....

Easyread has changed our lives

What can I say. We love Easyread. It’s changed our lives because reading is now fun with our daughter. It’s changed our daughter’s perception of herself as a reader. There’s been challenging bits but generally it’s been a positive...