Firmly believe many kids will benefit from Easyread

Thank you for helping us bring Elijah through the Easy Read program. We may have taken a bit longer to finish than planned, but have managed to hang in there, and are very pleased that we did. We have seen a good deal of improvement in his reading and spelling over...

Sounding out unfamiliar words!

Dillon is very diligent to sound out even the words he already knows. I’m seeing his reading improve and he is much more automatic about sounding out unfamiliar words! Woohoo!

Better than my dad!

This week, since the prizes have started to arrive, Brodie has got a new burst of enthusiasm – he has given all family members spy names, changed his name and we are no longer doing a reading program but spy training. Yesterday he was so excited when he could do...

My son is READING!

My son is READING! YAY! Thank you so much for creating such a wonderful system, because of your system my son loves to read and is now reading everything in sight from books to road signs to menus. Thank you for such a wonderful system.