Child Testimonials

I will miss you easyread

I will miss you easyread sooooo much , I can now read by my self , I will read a story this summer to my grandma , thank you sooo much for teaching me how to read !

– A

I like the lessons a lot…

I like the lessons a lot. I really like the paintball games, letter quest and fighter mission and I love when I get free choice.

Thanks from Lincoln. (Age 8, Lesson 45)

When I asked him how he felt about reading at the beginning…

When I asked him how he felt about reading at the beginning of the program versus now, he said this, more or less: “Before I started the program, it was like half of my brain was trying to get me to read and half of my brain just wouldn’t cooperate with me, and it made it really hard to focus on reading. So part of my brain was working for me and part of it was working against me. But “reading program” made it really fun to read, with lots of games and stuff, and it helped my brain sort of learn to cooperate with me. So now I can focus better and read better.”

He teared up momentarily when he talked about what reading was like before we started Easy Read, and it made me realize that reading is now tear-free. This is big progress, and makes my Mama-heart glad.

He did ask me to tell you that he doesn’t like Pinball and the Place Name Game. I told him I would, so I’m making good on my promise…though I totally get that his is a highly subjective assessment of those games and that both are fun for some kids and useful for all kids.

Thanks again, so much,


I have been finding that I have been getting better…

Hi it’s Lydia
I have been finding that I have been getting better at reading and spelling at school. It has really been helping me with every subject and I just want to say thank you for helping me with that. I sometimes don’t have time to do this and all my homework but I really try too.

(Age 11, Lesson 56)

Alex wanted you to know…

Alex wanted to let you know that he has gone up a stage in his reading book at school and he is really pleased.