“I honestly don’t know where we’d be without Easyread.

Within a few days of the trial period, Declan (my 7 year old) asked me, “How did they get to be so smart?” When I asked to whom and what was he referring, he answered, “The people at EasyRead! How are they so smart to make reading so easy??!”

This early success was the boost of confidence he needed to keep going, and he truly looked forward to EasyRead lessons and games. After continuing long enough to see his reading skills carry over to books and reading outside of the program, I can’t express how thrilling that moment was for us all!! He began reading signs when we were in the car, then random words here and there, and then short books. At this point, his reading is so strong that he would be indistinguishable from his peers — or better.

I’m SO thankful for the program and all of the support (which was key as well) that they provided along the way. They’ve been a blessing and helped us through any bumps along the way, to where now that struggle is a distant memory!! I never thought we’d be saying that 🙂

I’ve also recommended the program to SO many moms and teachers along the way, as I can’t say enough wonderful things about it and want that same success for everyone/their child.”

High praise from Declan and his mum at lesson 203.