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Michael Faraday (1791-1867) is thought of as the best experimentalist scientist in the history of the discipline. He discovered many chemical and physical properties, and invented the first version of the Bunsen burner – even though it now carries the name of a later inventor, Robert Bunsen.

Bunsen_burnerAlthough Faraday lived before the term dyslexia came into use, he had terrible spelling and punctuation.  He once wrote, responding to suggestions of names for his discoveries, “All your names I and my friend approve of or nearly all as to sense & expression, but I am frightened by their length & sound when compounded!” However, he also had another key trait that some people like to attribute to the dyslexic brain: he was an extraordinarily gifted visual-spatial thinker. Faraday would imagine the finished product of some invention, and then set to inventing the parts needed to build it rather than working with what already existed.

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