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Fact: Recent research shows that playing Tetris can help resolve a problem for some children — lazy eye, or amblyopia.

The usual treatment for lazy eye in kids is wearing an eye-patch to correct the alignment of the wayward eyeball. This can take a long time to have full effect and, more obviously, gives the wearer a pirate-style look which may not be every child’s cup of tea! Additionally, the patch doesn’t work for adults.

Researchers in Montreal have discovered the Tetris works to correct the visual problem much faster, and with no fashion faux pas.

“The new treatment involves setting up the video game of Tetris so it can only be played effectively using both eyes. […] The researchers split the image between the eyepieces of a pair of head-mounted video goggles so that one eye could only see the falling pieces and the other eye could only see the pieces sitting at the bottom of the screen. […] After playing Tetris that way for an hour a day for two weeks, nine adults with lazy eye showed a big improvement in the vision of the weaker eye and in their 3D depth perception, the researchers reported in a paper published this week in the journal Current Biology.”

Sarah Forrest finds Tetris quite stressful but enjoys her work as an Easyread coach, helping children with dyslexia, auditory processing disorder, highly visual learning styles and more who need support for spelling or reading problems. Easyread is an online coached program based on Guided Phonetic Reading principles. More at