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child-laughing-sxc-732315-610x406Looking for a fun game on a rainy afternoon? Look no further: this one combines work on vocabulary and grammar with good old fashioned giggles!

Simply have your children fill in the blanks by asking them to come up with words that are the appropriate parts of speech. Write them in and then read the finished product out loud.

Letter from Camp

Dear ___________(someone in the room) ,

I’m sorry it’s been such a ______(adj) time since I wrote. I am having too ______ (adj) a time at camp to write ­­­­­______ (adj) letters to ______ (adj)    ______ (noun plural) like you! The ______ (adj) news is that I met a new friend named ­­________ (male person in room). I like him a lot, but he smells ______ (adj) and sometimes ______ (verb) in the corner when he thinks no one is looking. Still, he’s ______ (adj)    ______ (noun).

Now, don’t get worried, but I do need to tell you about something that happened. One week ago, I ______ (verb past tense) my ______ (body part). It’s minor, but I did have to go to the Emergency ______ (noun) for the doctor to ______ (verb) it. The whole visit only took ______(number) hours so it was pretty ______ (adj).

Anyway, please send me some ______ (noun plural) and a ______ (noun) sharpener so I can write you more.

______ (adverb),

______ (name of person in room)

Sarah Forrest has been a Mad Libs lover for years, and had some fun writing this one for the Easyread blog! Besides Mad Libs, she enjoys her work as a Reading Specialist for the Easyread System, an online course for children with reading difficulties, dyslexia, auditory processing weakness and more.