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UK-Developed Solution for Dyslexia and Reading Problems
Opens Office in beautiful Ojai, California

Ojai CA, August 17th, 2013.  The Olympics are not the only exciting thing which has come out of England recently.  Easyread Support USA is a new company in Ojai offering to support parents of children struggling with dyslexia and reading problems who are using a Brit-developed solution called Easyread.

The operation will provide online and telephone support to US clients of the Easyread System.

The Easyread System is a proven online program, developed through 10 years of research and testing to help children who have struggled with reading and spelling using traditional approaches. The company claims a 96% success rate and gives an unconditional guarantee to every parent and teacher using the system.

 Although there are hundreds of readings programs in existence The Easyread System is unique in its very visual manner of addressing the main underlying cause of reading difficulty: a highly visual style of learning which leads to sight reading instead of decoding strategies for reading.

“With each child we look for the patterns of 7 different potential causes of difficulty,” says David Morgan, creator of Easyread, “but sight reading of words and guessing is by far the most common issue. We call it Optilexia.”

Bonnie Landau, an Ojai resident, will manage the new office.  Bonnie was recruited to head the US office after her son Gabriel achieved great success learning to read with the Easyread program.

 “We had tried two private reading programs and the school had tried several as well.  Nothing seemed to help.  At the start of 3rd grade Gabriel was reading at Kindergarten level.  Then I found Easyread, and within a week, Gabriel was sounding out words for the first time ever!  I was astounded to watch him progress so quickly, gaining 3 ½ years of reading ability in only 8 short months.  It truly worked like magic!  Gabriel loved it all the way through, which was a super bonus!  When the chance came to help other parents discover Easyread, I couldn’t pass it up”

If you are interested in exploring what Easyread has to offer, there is a free trial lesson of the Easyread System on their website