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downloadHere at Easyread, people often ask us what books we would recommend for a new reader. Normally we just mention what seems to be trending right now, along with the requisite library visit recommendation!

But here is a link to something quite different, that you may not have come across:

As children we all used to read comics, but they seem to have almost disappeared, crushed by computer games. David Fickling, who is the publisher of some of our best children’s fiction, has launched the Phoenix to reverse that trend. He thinks comics are a key part of the childhood experience!

The Phoenix has much more of a mix of stories, including some by his children’s authors, like Philip Pullman, alongside classic crazy comic stuff and superhero characters. All three of David’s children have enjoyed it.

They are doing a pretty good deal for our parents of £1 for six copies, if you want to give it a go. We hope you do, because they are lovely people and it’s a great product.

NB. The Phoenix has moved into the offices above ours. So they have put on this offer as a special gift. Normally it is four copies for £1.