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It works, reading is no longer stressful

QUESTION 2) Could you tell us a few things that you have liked about the course so far?
1. It’s fun and rewarding
2. It works, reading is no longer stressful and Toby reads by himself more often.
3. It’s short enoughto do most days.
4. Plenty of choice of books and games to suit different taste.
By the way the fart machine has gone down a storm at home!!! Much delight!

I am LOVING this program. I have multiple degrees in reading…

I am LOVING this program. I have multiple degrees in reading, and I’ve been a National Board certified teacher for 17 years. I am so impressed with how much this is helping my daughter. I love the short lessons, and I am in awe of how much the eye tracking activities have helped her. I need to make a few public social media posts about it because I’ve tried so many programs and this is the only one that has really helped. Her data at school has even gone up since she started this!!

– J

His speech and reading therapist says the last two weeks has been like working with a new child

QUESTION 1) Are you seeing Slade reading the short words accurately now, without often needing the trainertext characters?
ANSWER – YES, his speech and reading therapist says the last two weeks has been like working with a new child. She retested him yesterday on a test he took about two months ago. He missed 33 words the first time and 3 yesterday. She mentioned he is reading more fluently now. He is gaining confidence and that makes me so happy!

– D

Her assistant teacher actually stopped me on the school drop off…

Her assistant teacher actually stopped me on the school drop off this morning to say how much she had improved recently. She said she had become much more confident and actually raised her hand to answer a question in class yesterday. She was also starting to work much more independently and her reading was really improving (she was proud to move up a reading level last week).

– S

It really made Adie’s day.

1) How have things been going over the last few lessons?
ANSWER: She has been picking happy faces and was over the moon when her decoder pen arrived. Her best friend was impressed too. ‘Wow!’ Her friend said. ‘I only get grades, you get spy stuff! I want to do your stuff!’ It really made Adie’s day. She even took the book from her dad the other night and read it to him instead of having him read to her.

– C

I am forever thankful…

I am forever thankful that I found you all and this program; it has been life changing for us and Hunter. Thank you for all the support and for all the hard work you have put in to creating this program.

– A

I am so proud of her reading progress!!

I am so proud of her reading progress!! She is reading everywhere we go now and her confidence has grown so much!! It makes my heart so happy!! Thank you, EasyRead system!

– M

Last month, Brycen was given a STARR reading benchmark test…

Last month, Brycen was given a STARR reading benchmark test (which is state pre-test that is used to measure reading) and he passed it! That was an amazing accomplishment for Brycen. The actual STARR test will be later this year but we were really excited to see him do this.

He has had several days over the past month where I felt like he read better than I have ever seen him. A couple weeks ago, he stacked day and day of reading better and better. On these good days, he will keep his words moving and his fluency seems to be improving.It is really great to see this happen and I know it makes him feel good.

– L

 I find the whole Easyread system ingenious…

I find the whole Easyread system ingenious and the experience as a whole superb, can’t fault it. Wish we had discovered this earlier for Felix!

Keep up the good work everyone at Easyread!

– N

We have really enjoyed it and found it…

We have really enjoyed it and found it very useful – it is motivating and got across the mechanics of reading v clearly without feeling patronizing. We found books in the library that were interesting and not too childish (which is often a problem if your reading age is behind your actual age.)

The knowledge that there is real person support available has also been valuable in giving confidence that we are using the program correctly and progressing as expected.

– M

My son is suspected dyslexic…

My son is suspected dyslexic and began falling behind with his reading in Year 2. As he entered Year 3 he was at least a year behind his peers and was losing confidence, finding classwork more and more challenging and becoming a very reluctant reader.

I am so pleased I discovered Easyread! The format of the lessons were so much fun for him, he loved the games and the gifts were a fabulous bonus! Also I felt well supported and learnt much through the experience. Watching his confidence and ability grow was such a joy. He made such progress over the time we were doing the sessions and is now progressing next to chapter books. I would highly recommend!

– S

Easyread has been a blessing.

Easyread has been a blessing. The encouragement has been really wonderful to Abigail. What a difference a year makes. She is more confident in reading and writing. Having a routine with lessons that are fun, yet challenging, is great! The time frame of each lesson is an important part, too. It is something that helped me when working with her, not to push her too long or hard.

I love that I got trained on how to help her become a better reader. That is golden! It is something I will continue to do. We have all our TrainerText Character cards and we will continue to use them. We would like to continue, but we think it is time to close our account.

Thank you for all the help! Abby will miss you all! So will I.

– M

What I have liked so far…

What I have liked so far:

1. The fact Joshua’s confidence is soaring so quickly. I did not expect that. He has not resisted once, usually typical prior to us finding this programme. Its very much aligning with him.

2. The simplicity, by that I mean its’ not heaps of text books, it’s long enough but not too long to keep his attention at full. I love the flow of it.

3. The trainer text characters, my goodness, they work! Nothing has worked for Josh before, it was not clicking. It’s early days but I am noticing him clicking with this, he is now looking at the characters and working it out, he is blending, albeit slowly but this is huge for us. What is huge is that he believes he can do it now, to me that is a major part of this mountain scaled.

4. Love the support, felt very reassured after our phone call, I have in the past relied on my not messing up for him, or missing something I should be doing. I really like that I, as a parent, feel guided alongside him through this.

We have loved this program.

We have loved this program. Reed (for the first time since kindergarten) doesn’t need extra reading help at school. He is reading at grade level finally! We are going to continue with reading more books at home and in school. Thank you so much for helping my son read!!!!

– R

She is absolutely thriving…

Good morning, I think the time has come for us to cancel the programme for Annabel as she is absolutely thriving. She is so much more confident with her reading and writing which is a huge step for her and we can see such a progression overall. The school SENDCO has also commented on how well she is doing and they are reviewing her provision and extra support too.

– T

He really is a much more confident reader now…

I would like to thank your organisation so much for helping Aidan. He really is a much more confident reader now and has really enjoyed his Esayread sessions and all his fabulous gifts! It was also wonderfully useful during lockdown and a great way to start our homeschooling day!

I would absolutely recommend this to others.

– S

Easy Read has been a roaring success for us. 

Easy Read has been a roaring success for us.  When I realized we weren’t going back to school this year, I was so worried about how I was going to teach Lucia how to read.  I’m a teacher, but of older children, and not literacy.

But even at school, you see, they didn’t seem able to help her in the way she needed, either.  They were asking us to hire a tutor.  I’m a tutor myself (math), so I understand that this would have been twice as expensive as easy read but not necessarily as successful.

I am SO GLAD that creepy spy algorithms matched your ad to my social media pages.  You are exactly what she needed.

My girl READS!!!I feel confident now moving onto daily practice from daily reading because I know she has the decoding skills to do it from here.THANK YOU!!!

– K

We feel that Caden has done so very well…

We feel that Caden has done so very well with the Easyread program & we are happy with the level he has reached. His reading is a great deal more fluent, he doesn’t guess words as he did before & he happily picks up a book to read by himself now. We had so much resistance from him when it came to reading a book before we started. We are extremely happy with the Easyread program!

– K

Jamie has got to the point where he is reading a lot at school and at home…

It seems like jamie has got to the point where he is reading a lot at school and at home.

He seems more interested in the books than doing his lessons on here which i take as a good thing as it shows how far he has come. We would therefore like to stop his payment cycle please. We would like to thank you for everything you have done to get him to such a level in reading, its a major difference from where he was a year ago.

Thank you for all your help and we will probably see you all again soon when our youngest gets a bit older we would like to bring her onto your course aswell. Many thanks from us all.

– S

Abe’s reading has really taken off…

Abe’s reading has really taken off and we are finding that he is no longer in need of the lessons. He is reading above grade level and just can’t put books down! I’m astounded at the change! EasyRead helped establish new strategies and break the guessing habit.
– K

His reading is getting so good!

His reading is getting so good! He’s gone up 10 levels in school. He started the grade school year at level 8 and jumped up to 18 in the past two months! we are so happy. Just need to practice spelling now.

– S

I just wanted to share something amazing with you.

I just wanted to share something amazing with you.
Last night I was going to bed and noticed Esme’s light was still on and I could hear her talking. When I went to see her she was sat in bed surrounded by toy rabbits reading a ‘Clangers’ book to them. She told me there was one word she’d struggled with – ignition – but that she’d read the whole book other than that.
For the first time ever I had to remind her it was late and ask her to turn the light off as soon as she’d finished that page.
To my knowledge it is the first time she has ever read a book and the first time she’s ever read anything voluntarily.
I sat on the stairs and listened to the rest of the page, and it was such a joy to hear her actually reading. I had really doubted that it would ever happen.
Huge thanks to everyone in the Easyread team
– R