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Thank you from the bottom of our hearts…

Easy Read has been a fantastic educational system, our son Josh has for years battled to get going with his reading. Since taking part in the Easy read program he has not only improved but is reading independently and loving it. This would not have been possible without your program.

As parents be are thrilled that Easy Read, flipped the switch and managed via your well thought out program to build those valuable connections via decoding and building pathways, Josh is soaring and loves reading.

It feels bitter sweet to let you know that he will finish up next week when his current month is over as we are thrilled that he has reached this level but sad to say goodbye. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, your system and your team have been brilliant and the reading journey with you all has be amazing.

We are having fantastic success with the program…

We are having fantastic success with the program. I couldn’t be happier. Every night, when my wife prepares dinner we do easy read. Recently we missed our first day after 30 or so lessons, and Alex asked the next morning, “why didn’t we do easy read?”
You and your people are truly changing the world, at least for my son.
Alex recently confided in me that his hope when he returns to school is to not have to go for ‘ special reading group ‘ …and I really think that is going to happen.
From my wife, Alex and I,

Thank you
Thank you
Thank you


Maximus has made amazing progress…

Maximus has made amazing progress in his reading. He literally could not read at all when he started and now he is reading signs all around him, subtitles on tv and books. I am very happy with his progress.

– J

I cannot believe it!

Today for the first time, he read a four paragraph passage about penguins, ostriches and kiwis almost entirely independently. I cannot believe it! I recorded it. When we started he didn’t even have 25 “sight words” consistently.

Thank you soooo much!

– E

He is finally finding the joy of reading…

What we love: from the outset the books have been interesting – not just ponies and the standard school stuff! Merry loves non fiction in particular so the books on inventions, animals and the ocean have fascinated both him and us. It’s great for Merry to be able to access these as it is harder to find printed books of this nature which are at his level but engage his thirst for information.

We really like the characters and the rhythms that make them. Merry’s 4 year old sister is interested in them and wants to know when she can start Easyread so we talk through the characters with her.

The Easyread team have always been helpful in helping to resolve any concerns.

I have found the training for parents fascinating in understanding the differences in how the brain works and the effect on learning to read.

We have enjoyed Easyread and seen such progress as we would barely have believed at the start. Seeing Merry sit and read to his sister is like beautiful music. He is finally finding the joy of reading, rather than just the hard slog. We are very grateful indeed to the Easyread team.

I have a happy girl…

My mum hadn’t heard her read for a while and noticed a great change not only with blending but also in her confidence in wanting to read. I know it is early days a long way to go but I have a happy girl who I can see growing in every aspect of school work. Quite amazing!

2 years reading age gain!

In early September at school Sebastian scored a reading age of six years and four months. When they tested him again in February he had reached eight years and two months, which was his exact age at the time. The teachers told us (they usually don\’t mention these tests, and do them informally) as they were so impressed. So we\’re very happy with everything, especially as Sebastian has so much more confidence regarding his reading now. That is even more important than his reading age. 🙂


We have made it!

So, we have made it to the final codeword. It feels like quite a moment.

Thank you so much for the support that you have shown us through Darcey’s reading journey.

It has been really helpful to have a simple routine of trying to do one lesson a day and to have someone to give us tips and support Darcey when times were harder. Even when Darcey was slightly resistant to the lessons, her objections were no where near what we experienced when we were teaching her alone and the progress she has made has been excellent.

We are happy to accept responsibility for the flying helicopter with all its moving parts and batteries etc – we look forward to receiving the final codeword.

With huge thanks and the hope that you are all keeping well at this time.


Completely in awe of the results achieved.

We are so pleased with what a proficient reader she has become through this program – completely in awe of the results achieved. Cannot thank-you enough for your program.

– I

Surprised his teachers!

Thank you. This course has been amazing for Athol his progress has been superb. The course has brought him on much quicker than he has at school in the time he has been there (5yrs, quite shocking really). I think he has even surprised his teachers.

I have been waiting for this milestone for many years!

We are beyond blessed that our friend, Stephanie, shared her child’s experience with Easyread when I was voicing my concerns for Avery’s lack of reading progress. I’ll admit I had my reservations about trying another approach, but I truly appreciated the 10 lesson trial and money back guarantee if it didn’t work..

Celebration moment: Yesterday, I was so happy when Avery did a fantastic job reading a postcard he received in the mail from his church leader. I have been waiting for this milestone for many years!

Feedback: Thank you for the creative games in Easyread . Avery absolutely loves Spell Drive! As a mom, I appreciate the visual tracking practice incorporated into the spelling lesson.

Thanks for all you do!

To all the lovely people that we have worked with at Easyread

To all the lovely people that we have worked with at Easyread. I can not even begin to express how thankful I am that we found your program when we did. Zavier is ready to move past the program now and is really excited about the book that we are currently reading together. We had been so looking forward to catching up in person when we visited the UK in June but obviously this is not possible now. So I would just like to say again, how much we have appreciated the program and all the fun games.

I couldn’t find a cancellation button so I thought I would just write a message.


What an amazing journey it has been

What an amazing journey it has been for her and us. I really do not want to think how her reading would be today if we had not discovered EasyRead. We are so proud of the improvement that she has made in her reading. The journey certainly has not been easy for her, but thanks to the fun components of the EasyRead program, a lot of effort and encouragement she has gotten there. Sarie now likes reading and is confident enough to sit down and read to herself. We are happy to stop her subscription to the EasyRead program and look forward to her receiving her last code for the helicopter.

Kind regards,

Really exciting changes…

I just wanted to let you know that in the last week we have seen a really exciting change in Merry’s approach to reading. He is picking up books (Guinness Book of World Records, in particular) and reading short bits without any prompting from us and reading some more complex words. I am SOOOOOOOOO proud of the commitment and effort that he has put into his reading, it has been a long and often tough road for him (with the school’s traditional phonics approach) but he has finally got to that place where it’s all starting to make sense and more naturally coming together. EasyRead has played a very important part in this, changing his approach and attitude to reading and giving him a route in which is fun and works more easily with the way his brain works.

I thought a little bit of good news at the moment is particularly important. Hope you, your family and the EasyRead team stay safe and well.


We would like to cancel our subscription…

We would like to cancel our subscription for James please. It has been extremely worthwhile doing the lessons for James and we have seen huge leaps forward. So much so that he is reading much better now and reads by himself without prompting.

James is now keeping up with his class standard, and current homework from school which was the aim when we started.

Thank you for the great support and exciting results.

– L & R

Improving in reading every day!

OMG her favorite thing on Easyread is the Writing Lab. She absolutely loves it to the point where we’ve added a daily writing prompt to her workbook time. We are both super excited by her new found ability to write. While she still makes mistakes frequently, she often gets words correct or the mistakes she makes are related to phonetically undependable letters (c, k, a, o, and that silly g can’t make up their minds) I read this to her and we discussed the suggestion of picking just 2-3 words and writing them three times correctly to help her get the spelling down. At first she was hesitant, but when I insisted that it was her choice she said she thinks it will be a good thing to do with her daily writing prompts. So here we go.

Also, sorry, you guys are like my co-workers on this homeschooling reading journey, man, I see her improving in reading everyday. Making better guesses about whether this oo will say ook with a book, or oon on the moon, or whether this w or k is silent, or whether this vowel ignores the bossy e. Also, she has started reading individual words all over the place and the other day she sat down and read me a short book she had only heard read once. Prior to Easyread she wouldn’t have had an idea how to tackle that.

His reading has come so far…

His reading has come so far and he is pretty fluent at this stage. His spelling has also improved greatly,
many thanks for all so far, I know he would not be anywhere near this standard if it were not for this programme…..

This changed Ethan’s life.

Thank you so much!
This changed Ethan’s life. His reading level has reached his age group within 4 months which meant he jumped 2 yrs of reading level!

Ethan can read independently without help of easyread now. I would like to stop the membership. Thank you so so much for great help!

– J

This program is so focused on the individual…

My husband and I love that this program is so focus on the individual and how you make the program feel personalized. We love that the program is teaching Ethan but in a fun way so he doesn’t get bogged down feeling like he has more homework added to his work load. Its also very encouraging.

– D

This program has transformed her reading and schooling…

Olivia is so excited and so proud of her reading accomplishments. Thank you so much for a program that worked so great for her. We can’t thank you enough. This program has transformed her reading and schooling.

– M

Reprogramming his brain to associate learning with fun instead of frustration was invaluable…

We definitely notice the progress in Menno’s reading and spelling, he starts to getting his fluency in reading, but because English is his second language it is still not comparable with an English speaking kid on his age.

I am very glad with reprogramming of his brain to associate reading/learning with fun instead of frustration with your program, to me this is probably even more valuable than the fluency in reading and correct spelling.

I have also learned a lot with the training myself.

Thank you and your team for your wonderful assistance!

Sophia is now on her way to becoming a reader.

Thank you so much for all your help so far, Sophia is now on her way to becoming a reader. We could not have done it without you and plan to continue with the program for as long as possible.

I think the programme has been excellent…

I think the programme has been excellent and we have both really enjoyed all aspects of the learning. From a point when we were all very worried about how we could encourage Wesley to love reading, when even his teachers were not sure what to do, he is now so confident and ready to give anything a go.

We have been thrilled with the program…

We have been thrilled with the program, but have come to the point that David just tested again for reading MAP testing and scored high now. He scored in the 91%, Which has been a real blessing to us.

We thank you for your help and value the time that you have put into developing this program for kids like David.

We had hit a wall and it was very challenging. Today, David has list of books that he is reading through and loves to read.

I believe David has a mild auditory processing condition which your program was perfect for. Spelling remains a little challenging, but it is getting better as he sounds through the words and decodes.

Thank you again for all your help,


Dear Easyread,

Dear Easyread,

First I would like to thank you for your system. It has helped our daughter’s reading tremendously. I would recommend this program to any parent who needs help with their child’s reading skills.
Since our daughters reading is now well above grade level (on multiple tests), we feel we no longer need your services. Please cancel our subscription before the next billing cycle.
Thank you again and I wish you all the best in the future.
– R