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Really exciting changes…

I just wanted to let you know that in the last week we have seen a really exciting change in Merry’s approach to reading. He is picking up books (Guinness Book of World Records, in particular) and reading short bits without any prompting from us and reading some more complex words. I am SOOOOOOOOO proud of the commitment and effort that he has put into his reading, it has been a long and often tough road for him (with the school’s traditional phonics approach) but he has finally got to that place where it’s all starting to make sense and more naturally coming together. EasyRead has played a very important part in this, changing his approach and attitude to reading and giving him a route in which is fun and works more easily with the way his brain works.

I thought a little bit of good news at the moment is particularly important. Hope you, your family and the EasyRead team stay safe and well.


We would like to cancel our subscription…

We would like to cancel our subscription for James please. It has been extremely worthwhile doing the lessons for James and we have seen huge leaps forward. So much so that he is reading much better now and reads by himself without prompting.

James is now keeping up with his class standard, and current homework from school which was the aim when we started.

Thank you for the great support and exciting results.

– L & R

Improving in reading every day!

OMG her favorite thing on Easyread is the Writing Lab. She absolutely loves it to the point where we’ve added a daily writing prompt to her workbook time. We are both super excited by her new found ability to write. While she still makes mistakes frequently, she often gets words correct or the mistakes she makes are related to phonetically undependable letters (c, k, a, o, and that silly g can’t make up their minds) I read this to her and we discussed the suggestion of picking just 2-3 words and writing them three times correctly to help her get the spelling down. At first she was hesitant, but when I insisted that it was her choice she said she thinks it will be a good thing to do with her daily writing prompts. So here we go.

Also, sorry, you guys are like my co-workers on this homeschooling reading journey, man, I see her improving in reading everyday. Making better guesses about whether this oo will say ook with a book, or oon on the moon, or whether this w or k is silent, or whether this vowel ignores the bossy e. Also, she has started reading individual words all over the place and the other day she sat down and read me a short book she had only heard read once. Prior to Easyread she wouldn’t have had an idea how to tackle that.

His reading has come so far…

His reading has come so far and he is pretty fluent at this stage. His spelling has also improved greatly,
many thanks for all so far, I know he would not be anywhere near this standard if it were not for this programme…..

This changed Ethan’s life.

Thank you so much!
This changed Ethan’s life. His reading level has reached his age group within 4 months which meant he jumped 2 yrs of reading level!

Ethan can read independently without help of easyread now. I would like to stop the membership. Thank you so so much for great help!

– J

This program is so focused on the individual…

My husband and I love that this program is so focus on the individual and how you make the program feel personalized. We love that the program is teaching Ethan but in a fun way so he doesn’t get bogged down feeling like he has more homework added to his work load. Its also very encouraging.

– D

This program has transformed her reading and schooling…

Olivia is so excited and so proud of her reading accomplishments. Thank you so much for a program that worked so great for her. We can’t thank you enough. This program has transformed her reading and schooling.

– M

Reprogramming his brain to associate learning with fun instead of frustration was invaluable…

We definitely notice the progress in Menno’s reading and spelling, he starts to getting his fluency in reading, but because English is his second language it is still not comparable with an English speaking kid on his age.

I am very glad with reprogramming of his brain to associate reading/learning with fun instead of frustration with your program, to me this is probably even more valuable than the fluency in reading and correct spelling.

I have also learned a lot with the training myself.

Thank you and your team for your wonderful assistance!

Sophia is now on her way to becoming a reader.

Thank you so much for all your help so far, Sophia is now on her way to becoming a reader. We could not have done it without you and plan to continue with the program for as long as possible.

I think the programme has been excellent…

I think the programme has been excellent and we have both really enjoyed all aspects of the learning. From a point when we were all very worried about how we could encourage Wesley to love reading, when even his teachers were not sure what to do, he is now so confident and ready to give anything a go.

We have been thrilled with the program…

We have been thrilled with the program, but have come to the point that David just tested again for reading MAP testing and scored high now. He scored in the 91%, Which has been a real blessing to us.

We thank you for your help and value the time that you have put into developing this program for kids like David.

We had hit a wall and it was very challenging. Today, David has list of books that he is reading through and loves to read.

I believe David has a mild auditory processing condition which your program was perfect for. Spelling remains a little challenging, but it is getting better as he sounds through the words and decodes.

Thank you again for all your help,


Dear Easyread,

Dear Easyread,

First I would like to thank you for your system. It has helped our daughter’s reading tremendously. I would recommend this program to any parent who needs help with their child’s reading skills.
Since our daughters reading is now well above grade level (on multiple tests), we feel we no longer need your services. Please cancel our subscription before the next billing cycle.
Thank you again and I wish you all the best in the future.
– R

She now finds reading a pleasure…

Megan is now really enjoying reading – we found her the other night with a head torch on sat up in bed avidly reading her books. Whilst we had to be stern because it was very late, inside we were both so happy she now finds reading a pleasure as opposed to a chore.

I am amazed at the progress Noah has made…

Noah’s reading is going so well that we will not continue the program after the current period expires.

I would like to the team at Easyread for supporting us on this journey. I am amazed at the progress Noah has made with his reading and am sure that without easyread he would still be struggling with basic reading.
He still has plenty of challenges ahead, but at least reading is not going to be one of them and it will help him in all aspects of his life.

– R

Extremely invaluable!

Just an email to say how that both my husband & I would really like to thank you once again Sarah for giving us your time and all your helpful advice as we discussed Darragh’s progress this evening. We can honestly say that having had yourself Sarah, David & all of the entire Easyread team’s help & assistance in Darragh’s reading world in the last 6 months has been extremely invaluable & one we wish to continue with as long as possible.

Participating in this program was a life saver!

I just wanted to send and update about Logan and his reading. We signed up for Easyread last year when Logan was in 1st grade because his teacher said he was behind in reading. Participating in this program was a life saver! With all your help and attention he got it! He has tested extremely high on his reading tests in third grade and is at reading level of 5.7. His teacher just asked if they could test him for the talented and gifted program. I am so thankful for your help. He couldn’t have done it without this program.
Thank you.

We are so thrilled with where Seamus is in his reading…

We are so thrilled with where Seamus is in his reading. He still has days were he is reluctant to do the 15 minutes but once he gets started, there is no more complaining. He is also continuing to read other books to his little brother, completely initiated by them. He is reading text in his surroundings. To his cousins and we are getting reports from his teacher that he is making huge leaps in his writing at school. I am a school teacher here in the public system and I have not seen a student who struggled to learn to then make this kind of progress. Thank you so much.

Today he got his interim report from school…

Sebastian has been doing really well with his reading, at school now as well. He hardly ever uses the trainertext characters for help with the programme, only the font size is still quite big (he prefers it that way but can read smaller if needed).

Today he got his interim report from school. For the first time ever he scored in the expected range for his age in reading. He’s very proud of himself, and so are we.

I also ordered the actual book of “Black Beauty” as he seems to enjoy reading it. I then showed him this and he couldn’t believe he is reading it. He said he would never have thought he’d be able to read a “real book” like that. We compared the text to his Easyread text and it’s identical, so now he’s even more impressed with himself.

In writing he’s still a little behind for his year group, but slowly making progress and putting more effort into it. He can no longer say he’s bad at reading, so we hope this will give him more confidence in general in his abilities.

Thank you so much for giving him this confidence! 🙂

I just wanted to share his huge success with you…

I also wanted to share Connor’s latest standardized testing scores with you. They test in Sept, January, and May. On a scale of 1000-3700, Connor scored a 2124 in September. This placed him in the Low Average category compared to both District and National average scores. However, in January, his score jumped 424 points to 2548 and is now rated High Average compared to both District and National average scores for mid-year testing!! On the Lexile reading scale, he went from a 225L (books like Fly Guy) to a 660L (books like Percy Jackson). I know that the vast majority of his improvement is from this program and I couldn’t be more proud of him. When I asked his Resource teacher what the average jump was, she said around 100 points between Sept and January and that a 400 point jump isn’t often seen over the course of a year. Is he ready to read Percy Jackson, no. But we have started reading Harry Potter as shared reading and he’s doing well with it. I keep his sections of reading small and just have him do a couple of sentences at a time, so he doesn’t get frustrated and quit. He’s enjoying the story and that’s the way I want it to stay.

Anyway, I just wanted to share his huge success with you. I can’t wait to see what his May testing says after we put another 3+ months of work in.

If he hadn’t done this course, I know he’d still be struggling.

Honestly this was/is a really great course. He truly has learned to read with Easyread, whereas if he hadn’t done this course, I know he’d still be struggling. I only wish I had signed up right away and hadn’t waited the couple months I did before I signed up. The way they teach reading in his school is just not effective. Your program really needs to be in all schools! Needless to say, I’m really pleased I found Easyread! And the support you and your team have given us has really been a huge help!

– J

I can’t even explain how excited I am…

I can’t even explain how excited I am about how Jayden is going. He doesn’t quite realise how well he is doing to be honest. I think he knows he’s improving but in his head he still tells himself he is bad at reading. We will continue praising him and encouraging him and hopefully one day he can be super proud of himself.

– L

You are doing very important work…

Hello. I would like to say huge thank you to EasyRead team for what you are doing. It is been awesome to see my daughter start reading more and more. We think it is time to leave.
Could you close account please.
Thank you Very much.
You are doing very important work

We have reached grade level!

This has been a wonderful program and has really really helped her. I feel like we’ve reached a point where we are successfully reading at Grade level and can use the tools we have learned to carry on on our own for now. Thank you so much for providing such a great & positive program we both really enjoyed it!


Change happening so fast!

I have already posted a review and agree that everyone should know about your wonderful program. This program has done so much for my daughter, she can read and the change happened so fast!! It is so amazing, thank you!!