Parent Reviews of Easyread

Our most recent reviews:

It was great talking this morning…

Thank you Sarah.
It was great talking this morning and having human interaction with a provider, rather then just computer based.
I am hopeful this will make a huge difference for Aliya.
– A

Huge improvement in her reading!

I really have seen a huge improvement with her reading. She is now wanting to pick up chapter books and attempts to read them even when she finds it difficult. She loves the computer system as she gets to spend some mummy time where she gets constant praise. Thank you.

Her teachers have been amazed at the progress she has made

Her teachers have been amazed at the progress she has made in reading and in her writing and I was informed on Friday that her reading has been assessed and she is now proudly a ‘free’ reader… she has worked so hard and we are so proud of her and more importantly she is proud of herself!

Thank you so much this programme has been amazing and so well put together. It has helped Isla enjoy the love for reading and given her the confidence from reading a menu in a restaurant to snuggling down enjoying a good book before bed time!

– A

This has been a valuable program

Good morning! I would like to cancel our subscription. I realize we were just charged for another month, but I didn’t want to stop before Elise finished her book, “Grace’s House.” She finished it this morning and was so proud of herself. She has worked hard for the past year and with the help of Easyread, she has made some real progress. We especially liked the brief 15 minute sessions.This has been a valuable program for Elise and we are grateful for the gains she has made in her reading. Thank you.

– S

I just had parent teacher conference and his teacher had his reading tests…

I just had parent teacher conference and his teacher had his reading tests from when he started 2nd grade. He was at a kindergarten level. Right now he is almost to 3rd grade level. He was very excited to show me his progress because he knows how hard Tanner works at home on his reading.

– R

You have a wonderful product with lots of diverse and motivating activities…

I’m so glad we found Easyread! I looked at numerous other programs and even tried one in-person program, but none seem to measure up to what you offer. You have a wonderful product with lots of diverse and motivating activities for struggling readers and lots of support for the adults who guide them.

– L

I truly appreciate the customer service and encouragement you provide…

I just love the course, and love the education provided to parents and teachers on reasons for reading difficulties, strategies to overcome them, and training on how to use the course. I truly appreciate the customer service and encouragement you provide via message, phone, and video lessons. I never felt that we were left hanging without assistance, suggestions, answers. The code words are wonderfully motivating. The games are much better than I ever thought they would be when we started – even I wanted to play them! What a fun way to target skills and monitor progress. I like the tables and graphic progress tracking. for those of us with data brains, it really helps to be able to see results over time.

– L

We have valued the time from everyone who has supported us

Thank you so much for sending through the helicopter, it is working fine and Alfie is really enjoying it.

I also wanted to thank you for our time on the system. It has been a great experience. Alfie is now reading really fluently, and most importantly, he has a system for working out the words, rather than just guessing. He is much keener to read and we are starting to build up his confidence to do that more autonomously.

The system itself is great, but equally we have valued the time from everyone who has supported us through the email and skype support. It has made the world of difference to me to actually be guided on how to help and support Alfie best and also the knowledge that someone is available to answer questions and address concerns has been invaluable.

So thank you very much for all your support and please pass on our thanks to the rest of the team too.

We wish you all the very best in the future.

– M

We would like to sincerely thank all of you from the bottom of our hearts

My husband and I would like to sincerely thank all of you at Easyread from the bottom of our hearts. We are so impressed with the whole program and all of your tireless efforts to help struggling children to read. We couldn’t be more grateful to you for all the progress Axl has made over the last seven months. We have and will continue to promote the program to teachers and friends.

– C

His reading has come on massively in the past 5 months

Thank you for all your help! Daniel’s reading has come on massively in the past 5 months, I’d be scared to think we could still be struggling like we were last year had we not taken on the EasyRead system!

– J

Spelling has come on SO MUCH

We have definitely seen a lot of positive changes lately.

We got out of our routine of the lessons over Christmas, then we had a bit of disruption at home, and now Lacey is having a bit of a hard time getting back into it… But we are trying to persevere as we really do see the benefits.

Her spellings seem to have come on so much. We make a note of any words she hasn’t been able to read, she copies them three times in her handwriting book, and at the end of the week she checks to see which ones she remembers. This has been working really well, last week she remembered 9 of the 12 words, and all of them where pretty close to being correct – which I think is incredible considering she hadn’t even been able to read them a few days before.

I’ve also started to notice her reading things without being asked (leaflets, signs, my text messages!! haha), which she has never done before.

Jack is also now able to read bigger / longer words too…

QUESTION 1) Is Jack now able to read short, easy words more accurately in his normal book reading than when we started?
Yes!! Jack is also now able to read bigger / longer words too, he is able to break them up and is showing more confidence each day

His eye doctor is amazed

Just a quick note to tell you all there at Easy Read. . . THANK YOU! We went to the eye doctor for the first time in 14 months. Bishop’s eye tracking was on point for the first time in his life! The doctor asked what we have been doing because it was such a vast improvement. My husband and I put our money into Easy Read rather then vision therapy after long deliberation. The ROI for reading as well as eye tracking (not to mention a tool he would use rather then groan about) seemed to be there for us. Looking forward to the new resources.

FAB to see!

Sarah, his reading is really beginning to take off, its fab to see. thank you so much Easyread !

She is very proud

She has progressed well with her school reading and her teachers have commented on her continued improvement. We’ve been impressed by her increasing ability to blend longer words by checking the different sounds that the same letter can make to check which one sounds right. She had her eye test this week too and that didn’t highlight any issues. She was very proud because it was the first time she did the grown up eye test saying the letters and words rather than the one with pictures she did last year – that shows how far she has come with confidence and recognition.

This is enormous progress…

For the first time, she is trying to decode words ourside of easy read. This is enormous progress, she just refused before and said she couldn’t do it.

– C

He caught up with his peers!

Since starting EasyRead, William has managed to catch up with his peers in reading at school and has been where he should be in terms of attainment for the last few months. Reading used to be such a struggle for him, and now it far easier. Due to different reasons, William has not been able to do the lessons as frequently as we did them in the beginning but his reading has continued to improve. I would certainly recommend EasyRead for anyone with similar problems in reading.

She learned to read… amazing

Kate has learnt to read with this, which is amazing. We’re so pleased that she is reading fluently and choosing to pick up books.

Firstly, I want to thank you for creating this system…

Firstly, I want to thank you for creating this system. We have seen a significant improvement in Kai’s reading since beginning this system in May last year.
We now feel he has reached a level that we are introducing daily reading through fun books to encourage hopefully a life long enjoyment in reading books.
If we can please cancel our subscription at this time.
Thank you and kind regards
– K

Leaps and bounds!

Freya has been making great progress with her decoding. Reading the books in the story section has been quite fluent and she has come on in leaps and bounds with her school reading too, with teachers remarking on her progress and confidence. She now seems to have secured most of the phonic sounds and digraphs and trigraphs on sight and is able to run through the sound options to say the correct one. I think sometimes, using the mouse is slow for her! We are really pleased with her progress.

We are over the moon with his progress.

We are over the moon with Jacob’s progress. He’s recently had a reading assessment at school and he’s jumped a level and is now classed as a ‘free reader’, reading age 10.

He’s done amazing!!!!!

– D

Thankyou so much for everything you have done with the easyread system

Hi David, Lydia, Sarah & all the easy read team,

Thankyou so much for everything you have done with the easyread system. It is such a great system for children struggling to reading.

Before Jack started he really didn\’t like reading but now he is really enjoying it and is even reading books!

That is why we feel it is time for Jack to go out on his own without easy read and we know that he will get better and better! In saying that can you please cancel our subscription.

Thank you again so much, we really appreciate all of your hard work creating an amazing system.

– K

He really loves reading

We are really happy with Felix’s progress and yes he is reading words much easier in his own reading books too. In fact he really loves reading and regularly wants to take charge to read the bedtime story.

– M

It does feel like something has suddenly clicked

I feel like we have suddenly had a bit of progress with reading outside of Easyread as Lennie has started to read to his sister and is seeming much more confident.
The school also did some work with him on rhymes and he seems to have got that a bit better now.
It does feel like something has suddenly clicked and he told his grandma the other day that he was able to read it as he was decoding it!

– L