Parent Reviews of Easyread

Our most recent reviews:

Extremely beneficial!

We are happy with the progress and the course has been extremely beneficial so much so we have told many other parents who have kids in a similar position as Ben of the benefits of Easyread. We are going to give it a break with the possibility of coming back if we feel Ben is not progressign further.

Thanks for all your help with Ben, myself and Lysa really appreciate it!

We had Gerogina’s last teacher interview for the school year last week…

We had Gerogina’s last teacher interview for the school year last week.
She started grade three with the reading ability of a mid grade one. We now have a reading ability of her peers in the bottom of the year threes, I truly believe that this was Easy read that got us back level (if not better than) her peers.
Thank you

– C

I am writing this most happy email to ask that you cancel…

I am writing this most happy email to ask that you cancel my children’s subscription to your amazing program.  When we began our journey into EasyRead last March, my eldest son was frustrated to tears each night when we did reading practice.  Logan is an emotional kid with specific learning needs and his anxiety was so high about going to school that he shut down emotionally and struggled to learn anything.  Easyread turned that around and helped him discover and share his true self, at home and at school.  Within 10 lessons he was excited about reading practice and asked to do it straight away when we got home each day.  After 30 lessons he told me that school was kinda fun sometimes.  Over the summer months when kids typically fall back a bit in their learning he catapulted ahead and went from 2 years behind in his reading to matching his grade level expectations.  His teacher now describes him as a ‘voracious reader who can’t get enough of stories and books.’  Not only that, he has begun writing his own stories and sharing them with his class!  Logan will always be an intense and sensitive learner but it turns out that a huge factor in his anxiety was his inability to read.
After 2 months of watching his brother play cool games and get awesome spy prizes in the mail, my second child begged me to start him in EasyRead.  Alex has hugely benefited from this valuable program.  For fun these days, my kids read plays aloud in silly voices and make costumes out of bedclothes…. they take so much joy reading together and I am so grateful!  Thank you so much for your support; I’m sure I’ll see you again when my toddler is ready to become a super-decoding EasyRead Spy!
– C

We have had a great week with Callum’s attitude to reading…

We have had a great week with Callum’s attitude to reading some books of his own choice at home. He has a series of books called “Bad Guys” by Aaron Blabey, they are a bit like a comic, but he actually wants to read them, yay. The past couple of nights he has asked if he could read them to me, amazing! And tonight when I said ok, lights out, time for sleep he said “I love reading” – even more amazing!

Thanks for giving us the opportunity to make our own light at the end of the tunnel.

– N

Beyond what I could have imagined

I also wanted to let you know that Elias has been doing amazingly well at home with his reading. He now picks up simple readers when we go to the library and sits at home on the couch reading them aloud to his little brother and to me. He is always reading signage and cereal boxes and yesterday sat down and spelled out the word potato on paper perfectly. Really he is doing beyond what I could ever have imagined a few months ago.

Thank you so much for all your help…

Just need to cancel our easy read for now. It has been an amazing help. Thank you so much for all your help. Connors reading has already brought him up to expected level, it has increased his confidence & enjoyment in reading & spelling.

– N

A resounding success.

I believe that we are now in a position to stop our EasyRead subscription. Since the last checkup, I confirmed that F has turned a corner with his decoding, and is much more comfortable with reading generally, this has just got better since as well and has clearly made progress with the reading we do outside of Easyread. It has therefore been a resounding success and a great boost for him, and he should be proud of himself. I would like to thank you for the service and the lessons and the help that you have been for F during his lessons.

– C

In the last month he has received 2 star writer awards at school.

Hi there, I would like to cancel our subscription to Easy Read. M is now reading pages of texts freely and is choosing to read his school and own books to me in place of Easy Read.

I am delighted with this progress and his teachers are very pleased with how he has progressed and the level he is now reaching consistently at school with his literacy. In fact in the last month he has received 2 star writer awards at school.

Thanks again to the team for helping us improve M’s literacy, which has also improved his confidence in many other areas too 🙂

– S

I write this with tears in my eyes…

Chelsea had an huge achievement last week. When she started easy read she was on level 7 (pm readers) she slowly climbed to 10 and then to 11. In the last week Chelsea has been graded a 15 ! You should have seen her smile. She achieved all she was expected to achieve at year one in her school and she finally was PROUD of herself. I write this with tears in my eyes as the difference this program has made for her is beyond anything I was ever expecting.

We both can’t thank you enough.

– N

She looked up at me and said: “I guess I CAN read.”

I wanted to share with you all that Lily has been saying for some time that she can’t read, even as she’s been learning how to. This morning, after our lesson, I handed her one of her books and asked her to read a story to me. At first, she just wanted to read one page. But I encouraged her to try the whole thing. So, she read the whole story to me. We had to work through a few words, but halfway through the story, she looked up at me and said: “I guess I CAN read.” She asked me not to make a big deal, so I feigned a very casual response, which made her laugh.

It has been so wonderful to see her confidence continue to grow and to see her become more and more certain that she can read. She has worked so hard. And we are grateful for your program and support.

When I told her that she is now capable of reading the entire picture book section at the library, she skipped and said “yay!”

Thank you so much for creating this program! We really appreciate everything that you do.

– A

I am so thankful to have been part of this program.

We are indeed thrilled with R’s progress. His reading is more confident and smooth, and his misspellings are much more reasonable and expected. “Who” (previously known to him as “hoow”) and other sight words always used to be sounded out when writing, no matter how many times he could pass a spelling test with the troublesome words on them. When writing what he was thinking about he would revert to writing everything by sounding it out, according to his own phonetic logic. The help that Easy Read has provided has really helped him align his phonetic logic with the rest of the English language, and he’s been exposed to the sight words over and over so that they seem to have finally set in. I am so thankful to have been part of this program.

– B

I’m just writing to let you know Max will be finishing up with…

I’m just writing to let you know Max will be finishing up with the Easyread program. And ask if his subscription can please be cancelled.

We are so proud of how far Max has come in his reading and spelling. It’s truly unbelievable the difference this program has done for him. From not being able to read basic books to happily picking out chapter books is amazing.

I’d like to say a massive thank you to the team at Easyread. We will ever be grateful for what this amazing program and all the wonderful staff has done for him.

We now look forward to seeing the amazing results we know this program achieves with our other son.

Please let me know if there are any problems.

– S

We are thrilled that Axl is continuing to work through this program…

We are thrilled that Axl is continuing to work through this program. We as parents are very happy with the progress we’ve seen so far. We will continue to encourage rereading the phrases that aren’t fluent and keep our fingers crossed that his progress continues!
– C

Delighted so far

My son was struggling to learn to read based on the techniques used in school and even with extra reading with me each day over the summer he didn’t seem to be progressing as I had hoped. Also his confidence was affected. He was very keen to be able to read but he didn’t enjoy it. He just wanted to be able to read like his friends. I wanted to find something fun to help him and I happened upon Easyread and having checked out reviews I decided it was worth giving it a go!

I am delighted with my sons progress so far. We have been doing it everyday for the past two months and I can see that his confidence has improved and he is becoming more fluent at his reading. He enjoys the games and looks forward to the rewards too. We will keep it up and see where it takes us now for his spelling as well as continuing to improve his reading fluency. His teacher has noticed the improvement in his reading also. I would certainly recommend this system to anyone looking for a fun way to engage a child in learning to read.

He is offering to read words in bedtime stories!

I feel we are making steady progress, and I am delighted to see James offering to read words when we are out or within bedtime stories. This really is significant as if asked before he would of resisted and complained quite alot!

A great relief…

I can definitely see good progress in her reading. I’m not as concerned about her reading ability as I was at the beginning, which is a great relief and I’m really happy about that. Leonie I think has gained confidence and doesn’t mind doing her lessons or doing her school reading homework. She would still not read anything beyond these things, but I can see it’s in sight!

Her confidence is growing daily.

First half of the process has gone really well. Her confidence is growing daily, She actually picked up a book and has started reading it herself!!!!! This is massive.

– S

Sarah is reading with so much more confidence.

Sarah is reading with so much more confidence. She is reading the words and using the easyread code when she needs.

We played heads up on the train the other day and normally we would have to whisper the words to her, she was giving the answers away because she could read them. It was very funny.

She is doing better than we expected.

– K

He achieved the highest band score for reading and comprehension

I would like to cancel our membership and finish up at our current month,

We have been very happy with the lessons, progress and support so far and feel very happy with Billy’s progress to date, in our national assessment program NAPLAN he achieved the highest band score for reading and comprehension, which is excellent

please let me know if you need any more information and thankyou again for your help and support,

– N

No tears with Easyread

I like that there are no tears when he’s doing Easyread. He genuinely seems to be enjoying it. In the past week I see him trying to read words around the house or at the grocery store. He seems to be aware of words around him.

– M

I am very happy with his progress. 

tom is progressing nicely.
He is slowly becoming more fluent and working without the scaffolding of the trainertext some of the time. I am very happy with his progress.

– P

AJ’s reading progress is nothing short of miraculous and we have you to thank

I want to thank the Easy Read team from the bottom of my heart for all the incredible assistance provided to both parent and child. AJ’s reading progress is nothing short of miraculous and we have you to thank! I’ve written a review for you already on Facebook. If there’s any other place you’d like me to brag about you, I would be happy to do so. Please pass along a special “thank you” to Akash who really connected with my son early on via a Skype lesson and I believe that made a huge difference in his motivation and how he approached this program (and he’s tough to please)! 🙂 Akash is truly gifted in this role and we were so thankful to have his support throughout this journey. This sort of feels like leaving a family because of the incredible support you provided. We are fans for life! Many, many thanks!

– W

Tommys reading and writing has come along leaps and bounds since using the Easyread system

Tommys reading and writing has come along leaps and bounds since using the Easyread system. We have both enjoyed the sessions and Tommy has always been enthusiastic about undertaking these. The lessons are designed to complete little and often so they never feel arduous or get boring. There is always a game at the end of each session, which feels like a reward for completing the reading part. The phonics system is fun, colourful and easy to remember. Using the decoding system alongside the spy training theme kept his interest throughout. He was very proud about receiving the certificates and always very thrilled to get gifts through the post.

David and the team are very supportive and have helped to keep us on track all the way along. The phone support was especially helpful.

The improvement in Tommy has been noted by us but also at school. His teacher feels he is well on the way now to catching up with his classmates. Because his reading has improved it means he is progress is so much more in all subjects. He still needs some support with spelling but he can read most words correctly now. We would definitely recommend Easyread!!

– M

Kyle now reads chapter books and isn’t afraid to pick up a pencil to write

Kyle has dyslexia and struggled with reading and spelling. The school system didn’t know how to meet Kyle where he was at and Kyle was very quickly being left behind in these areas. This caused Kyle to have very low self esteem and little confidence in his reading and spelling abilities. It was often difficult to motivate Kyle to practice spelling and reading.

Kyle did extra courses through the school to help him learn the different techniques used to assist with reading. Kyle was also provided an aid to assist him with reading his textbooks so he didn’t get behind but none of these helped Kyle learn to read or spell because they didn’t meet Kyle’s learning style. They also didn’t motivate Kyle to practice more. Reading and spelling were just a chore.

While it took a few days for Kyle to adjust to Easyread, Kyle enjoyed the short time intervals and how reading and spelling were being taught in a way that he could understand and process. The games, decoding characters and constant encouragement motivated Kyle to continue to practice. The reading and spelling became a natural part of the day that Kyle looked forward to. Kyle now reads chapter books and isn’t afraid to pick up a pencil to write.

Thanks so much for being a wonderful part of our journey!

– M

We don’t know how to thank you enough

We don’t know how to thank you enough for what your system offers, and truly DELIVERS!

8 months ago, my son absolutely hated reading. He was behind his classmates, got upset every time we tried to get him to read, got agitated and frustrated almost immediately upon trying to read. And unfortunately, even his school had him trying to memorize sight-words, which was their solution to what they saw as his ‘problem’, which was not working at all – and only increased his frustration and feelings of isolation.

After only 20 minutes of online research, I was directed to Easyread. What I read sounded like exactly the challenges my son was experiencing. I loved the idea that the lessons were short, entertaining, active and interesting, and that they focused on short but consistent lessons. We started the trial – my son was instantly involved and excited – and had fun! We started our membership as soon as the trial ended, and as of this week have reached the end of the program.

Easyread is a comprehensive system – great games and lessons for kids, LOTS of check-ins from staff, so you know you’re on the right track, and have someone real to talk to or to ask questions of if you find a challenge or a struggle. And with frequent rewards, codewords, prizes, and a fun spy-theme, they keep the kids actively interested and pushing to continue and move forward.

Parallel to the lessons for the student, there are fantastic resources for the parent/teacher – videos, quizzes, and lessons, so that you, as the adult, understand what the child/student is experiencing – why they have been struggling, and what the steps are to resolving those challenges.

It does take commitment – since consistency is critical to the continued growth and progress. But only a month in, we saw *serious* improvement in our son’s reading, and even more importantly, his attitude completely changed! He no longer hated reading! We no longer argued when he tried to read. He started to feel proud of himself and his progress!

Now, as we reach the end of the program, our son is reading at or above his grade level, and he enjoys reading independently, and more impressively, is able to break down the most challenging words with ease…. I have goosebumps as I write this – because I didn’t think that such a small commitment, such a fun system, could have such a profound impact on our son’s life, and our life….

Thank you Easyread. We could not recommend your system more highly!