Parent Testimonials

Our most recent testimonials:

AJ’s reading progress is nothing short of miraculous and we have you to thank

I want to thank the Easy Read team from the bottom of my heart for all the incredible assistance provided to both parent and child. AJ’s reading progress is nothing short of miraculous and we have you to thank! I’ve written a review for you already on Facebook. If there’s any other place you’d like me to brag about you, I would be happy to do so. Please pass along a special “thank you” to Akash who really connected with my son early on via a Skype lesson and I believe that made a huge difference in his motivation and how he approached this program (and he’s tough to please)! 🙂 Akash is truly gifted in this role and we were so thankful to have his support throughout this journey. This sort of feels like leaving a family because of the incredible support you provided. We are fans for life! Many, many thanks!

– W

Tommys reading and writing has come along leaps and bounds since using the Easyread system

Tommys reading and writing has come along leaps and bounds since using the Easyread system. We have both enjoyed the sessions and Tommy has always been enthusiastic about undertaking these. The lessons are designed to complete little and often so they never feel arduous or get boring. There is always a game at the end of each session, which feels like a reward for completing the reading part. The phonics system is fun, colourful and easy to remember. Using the decoding system alongside the spy training theme kept his interest throughout. He was very proud about receiving the certificates and always very thrilled to get gifts through the post.

David and the team are very supportive and have helped to keep us on track all the way along. The phone support was especially helpful.

The improvement in Tommy has been noted by us but also at school. His teacher feels he is well on the way now to catching up with his classmates. Because his reading has improved it means he is progress is so much more in all subjects. He still needs some support with spelling but he can read most words correctly now. We would definitely recommend Easyread!!

– M

Kyle now reads chapter books and isn’t afraid to pick up a pencil to write

Kyle has dyslexia and struggled with reading and spelling. The school system didn’t know how to meet Kyle where he was at and Kyle was very quickly being left behind in these areas. This caused Kyle to have very low self esteem and little confidence in his reading and spelling abilities. It was often difficult to motivate Kyle to practice spelling and reading.

Kyle did extra courses through the school to help him learn the different techniques used to assist with reading. Kyle was also provided an aid to assist him with reading his textbooks so he didn’t get behind but none of these helped Kyle learn to read or spell because they didn’t meet Kyle’s learning style. They also didn’t motivate Kyle to practice more. Reading and spelling were just a chore.

While it took a few days for Kyle to adjust to Easyread, Kyle enjoyed the short time intervals and how reading and spelling were being taught in a way that he could understand and process. The games, decoding characters and constant encouragement motivated Kyle to continue to practice. The reading and spelling became a natural part of the day that Kyle looked forward to. Kyle now reads chapter books and isn’t afraid to pick up a pencil to write.

Thanks so much for being a wonderful part of our journey!

– M

We don’t know how to thank you enough

We don’t know how to thank you enough for what your system offers, and truly DELIVERS!

8 months ago, my son absolutely hated reading. He was behind his classmates, got upset every time we tried to get him to read, got agitated and frustrated almost immediately upon trying to read. And unfortunately, even his school had him trying to memorize sight-words, which was their solution to what they saw as his ‘problem’, which was not working at all – and only increased his frustration and feelings of isolation.

After only 20 minutes of online research, I was directed to Easyread. What I read sounded like exactly the challenges my son was experiencing. I loved the idea that the lessons were short, entertaining, active and interesting, and that they focused on short but consistent lessons. We started the trial – my son was instantly involved and excited – and had fun! We started our membership as soon as the trial ended, and as of this week have reached the end of the program.

Easyread is a comprehensive system – great games and lessons for kids, LOTS of check-ins from staff, so you know you’re on the right track, and have someone real to talk to or to ask questions of if you find a challenge or a struggle. And with frequent rewards, codewords, prizes, and a fun spy-theme, they keep the kids actively interested and pushing to continue and move forward.

Parallel to the lessons for the student, there are fantastic resources for the parent/teacher – videos, quizzes, and lessons, so that you, as the adult, understand what the child/student is experiencing – why they have been struggling, and what the steps are to resolving those challenges.

It does take commitment – since consistency is critical to the continued growth and progress. But only a month in, we saw *serious* improvement in our son’s reading, and even more importantly, his attitude completely changed! He no longer hated reading! We no longer argued when he tried to read. He started to feel proud of himself and his progress!

Now, as we reach the end of the program, our son is reading at or above his grade level, and he enjoys reading independently, and more impressively, is able to break down the most challenging words with ease…. I have goosebumps as I write this – because I didn’t think that such a small commitment, such a fun system, could have such a profound impact on our son’s life, and our life….

Thank you Easyread. We could not recommend your system more highly!



Her teachers are very happy…

Marla is making great progress with her reading. She got glasses (+0.5) 2 months ago too. New optometrist pick up a minor problem. She is reading at level 16 now. She took 20 months to get to level 12 and she has got to level 16 now in 3 months. So she’s making excellent progress. Her teachers are very happy.

– J

Easyread has truly been life changing.

Easy read has truly been life changing.
My seven your old girl has gone from not be able to read because she could not work out the words to reading with ease and obviously decoding each word she is unsure of.
The programme has given her confidence, joy and many strategies she now uses to help her.
Easy read has also taught me how to coach her and how to positively reinfoce reading.
My daughter has gone improved her reading by two year levels in ten months and is now back in line with her peers. She completed Naplan with ease and scored much better than expected.
The programme is fun and supportive, increasing with difficulty just when needed.
It may seem like an expense but it has been such value for money.

– C

The process is amazing so far (at lesson 26)

His fluency has dramatically improved and we have seen confidence and fluency in his school reading- we have tried to steer away from doing the books at home but he wanted to read his school book as it was lego focus. You can see the confidence improving and the delight for working out the words especially when they are massive ones!! The process is amazing so far, wish we knew about it earlier.

Her decoding of new/unfamiliar words was non existent prior to starting…

Re: your below question about Alice’ s progress over the first 90 days, I am very happy with Alice’s progress over the first 90 lessons. Her decoding of new/unfamiliar words was non existent prior to starting; now she can decode most words in a book of her average class level.

– L

First A ever in spelling!!!

Just wanted to send a quick note to share some success this week.

Helen Claire made her first A ever in spelling!!! What a good feeling that gave her. We’ve printed the character cards and use those to practice spelling words, and I think that has been a huge part of her progress.

She also made a C on her reading test this week. She usually makes Fs on these, so we are rejoicing and praising her for a C.

Thank you so much for the confidence this program has helped to instill in Helen Claire. We are thrilled so far.


We had a breakthrough over this past weekend.

Yes we have been working on the blending & rhyming games and it is actually going well.
We had a breakthrough over this past weekend. He picked a book by himself and without being asked. He read it and he only needed to sound out a few of the words. It was only a beginner book with 3-4 words per page but that is a huge step forward for him!

Thank you for your help!

– M

I had a six year old jumping around the house saying “I can read”!

Hi Lydia
We just had an awesome lesson. She had no guesses!!!! She seems to be getting the letter combinations easier. I think she may have finally got that if she continues to read the first two letters and guess the rest that she will get it wrong. I think she has been told at school that she needs to read quickly so she was so scared to be sounding out the words. The big moment today was also when looked at the word said the sound then said the character to me – showing that she is developing links. It is really getting exciting now. I had a six year old jumping around the house saying “I can read”!
Thanks so much

Reading in bed!

Hi, I can see a big improvement in Eddie’s reading, but even better his confidence in reading and his enjoyment of reading is improving too. I caught him reading a book in bed last week, voluntarily reading for the first time!! I had to overlook the fact that it was about an hour after his bedtime, I was so pleased 🙂

Suddenly reading with much more fluency!

Yes, you have delivered on your promise of clear reading progress by lesson 90. I can see it in all sorts of places. She is suddenly reading the smaller print Ladybird readers that are more mystery stories and smaller print with much more fluency. She is reading things out of a geology magazine and in gardening books, surprising me at times! She sometimes says,’Look, I read that myself.’ I am hoping this progress continues. When she is running into difficulty, she 99% of the time tries to decode,very slowly but very deliberately, and often gets it. Though when she is tired I see her read the initial start and guess the end, and I suggest then as she is guessing she may be too tired to read. It feels good for both of us, where she had got to!

The single best investment I could have made for her education this year

Rachel really has done very well and is enjoying reading stories to the family. I absolutely believe that easyread was the single best investment I could have made for her education this really brought her a ton of confidence to break through that barrier she had with reading. One year ago she could hardly read a sentence and could not even focus to comprehend what she was reading. Her spelling has really come along as well. I am so pleased!

Since Rachel is homeschooled through a public online charter, we receive funds through the state of California. I have already expressed to the school how helpful this program has been, and I am sure they will point other families your way!
Thank you so very much!

– J

We are quite amazed at Anessa’s progress

We are quite amazed at Anessa’s progress, she is now comfortable reading Geronimo Stilton Books on her own or with me reading alongside, the anxiety over reading is definitely lower and she is a happy girl 🙂 We are amazed at how fast she is able to decode using trainer text and getting more fluent.

she is definitely re-reading and decoding every word and repeating phrases when she gets muddled… Very rarely does she click the image for the word and funnily enough is able to decode some words quicker with words than trainer text.

We are very excited.

Yes also something else, her trombone tutor said she is tracking hte music at her lessons and ‘brass factory’ kids band so much better and this is helping her performance with the band – amazing!! 🙂

In all things with required reading she is improving her confidence and is at the level her school expects of her so we are very very happy with easy read 🙂

Thank you for being so supportive of Anessa 🙂

– S (lesson 90)

Learning to read used to feel like wading through treacle.

The lessons are really fun and really quick. It sometimes feels like it’s done before we’ve begun. He is enjoying it, so it’s one thing that doesn’t feel like a battle to get him to do!

I expected it to feel more like hard work! Maybe it’s because it’s early days and David did warn us it would get harder. Having said that it does feel like the right level for him, but we’re just used to everything to do with learning to read feeling difficult and frustrating, a bit like wading through treacle. This he can actually do.

I do feel confident that this is right for him. Everything about retraining children’s brains to decode words rather than guess, really resonates. It has long confused me how he seems more able to read longer words more easily than shorter ones – now i understand it’s because all the shorter words look the same (what, why, when, where, who etc) and so there are lots of different possibilities and he guesses the wrong one.

Listening and reading about the Easyread philosophy felt a bit like reading about my own child. It all felt so familiar.

– S

Significantly better than we had actually hoped

Bryce is doing significantly better than we had actually hoped to achieve at this point. He really likes the program and is responding well to it. He still has mix-ups with b’s and d’s sometimes, but not nearly as much.

– L

What I love most about the course is that my son loves it.

The system has been different because my son loves it and I find a difference in his confidence towards his learning.

I gave the trial a go because after hearing David speak on Facebook I found it related to my son alot.

What I love most about the course is that my son loves it and it is building up his confidence to learn each day and he is starting to decode his words, rather than guessing all the time, he cant wait to do a new lesson each day and I think he knows how much it is helping him too.

– C (Lesson 14)

His guessing on short words is practically gone.

On the whole, his progress is obvious, and it’s a real pleasure to see that when he is not too tired, his guessing on short words is practically gone and even in the case of more difficult and long words, his reading almost does not slow down at all – you can clearly see that he is indeed decoding at a steady pace now.

Easyread is a place where he has really found it a pleasure to actually play with something that was a real burden before.

– L

We couldn’t be happier with her progress.

Millie is going very well and over the last couple of months she has started to read chapter books and reading all the time. We couldn’t be happier with her progress.
– K

Ayden is definitely improving with his reading…

Ayden is definitely improving with his reading, he does not miss as many words, and his fluency is improving. He has moved on to level three of the books and he is doing extremely well. He is sounding out the words and is even trying the more difficult books and is doing well. I am impreesed with how well he has adjusted to level 3.



Something “clicked” with Lily.

You were absolutely right! After 10 days of eye exercises, something “clicked” with Lily. She asked us to read Dr. Seuss’ Green Eggs and Ham the other night. When I closed the book, she took it from my hands, opened it, and read the book to us! The best part, however, was the pride on her face. She has asked for more Dr. Seuss books, and was in the back seat reading on the way home from the bookstore.

We are so grateful and so thrilled. We will continue on with the eye exercises and continue the lessons. Thank you so much for this incredible program and your support that has made such a impact on our daughter and our family.


Tom is improving slowly and steadily.

Tom is improving slowly and steadily. He is now sounding out words and able to blend them (mostly). He is rarely guessing. He is starting to read some words without the framework which is fantastic.

– P (lesson 60)

Wow you have explained my son to a tee

Wow you have explained my son to a tee I can’t tell you how excited I am about the program!!! Tonight I printed off the characters and we had so much fun playing memory games and go fish with the characters. After his first lesson he was beaming and he did say I can’t wait for my next lesson So a massive thank you already! Watching your training videos really helped explain everything so well!!!! I’m actually a trained primary school teacher I’ve been working so hard with him with a lot of resistance all year and I can already see that this program is going to work wonders! Thank you We look forward to the next lesson!!!

– E

We are so excited for him!

Thank you, his reading has improved so so much. We are so excited for him! He started with slightly more difficult books at around lesson 65 actually. He is busy flying through a kids series by H.I Larry. (Zac Powers). All on his own. I let him read 30 minutes out loud every day now (most days) and he does it with ease. Then he also does silent reading in between.

Thank you so much for helping him make great progress up until now.

– M (lesson 95)