Parent Testimonials

Amelie said to me today with a smile on her face “Mum, I’m reading and…”

Amelie said to me today with a smile on her face “Mum, I’m reading and spelling words that I never could before. I wish I could do Easyread twice a day!”. It’s nice to see her making the connections so quickly. On Easyread she is seeing words like mermaid, reading the whole word as married and then decoding it as mermaid. The same with feather which she initially thought was father but after decoding the word realised it was feather. Looking forward to many more light bulb moments with her. Oh and she has loved the little prizes as she has always told me that she wants to be a secret agent.

– S (at lesson 18)


OUTSTANDING! I am extremely happy with Abbie’s improvement, she is reading with confidence and sounding out difficult words without frustration. She voluntarily read six chapters of a book to herself last week! this has never happened, we are so proud.
She still sometimes mixes up little words when reading quickly but not to the extent that she used to.
we are very impressed.

– A (at lesson 89)

We are delighted that Elizabeth has reached the end…

We are delighted that Elizabeth has reached the end of the course and having thought about it we would like to stop it there please. Let me know if I need to do anything else to cancel the subscription.

I want to say a huge thank you to you and the team there for all your support over the last couple of years – Elizabeth is now reading confidently and enjoying reading which is a massive success as far as we are concerned. I won’t hesitate to recommend you to other parents who are struggling to help their children with reading difficulties as I know 100% that Elizabeth wouldn’t be where she is now without the help of the Easyread course!

Kind Regards


Mair continues to gain in confidence with her reading and a noticeable change is that she reads or attempts to read everything in sight, from advertising boards to street signs to little notes stuck to the computer. It’s delightful to watch her confidence and enthusiasm grow. So thank you again to your whole team

– K

First I would like to thank you for helping our child with his reading…

First I would like to thank you for helping our child with his reading difficulties and for all the support we got from you and all the easyreadstaff .I never thought I would find a solution for A’s reading difficulties, but our journey in easyread has been more then amazing . I have seen my son develop from guessing words to decoding them , and from crying when reading to enjoying reading . But we feel now its the time to stop. As now I feel like I can complete the journey with him. We would like to stop the lesson at the end of February , could you please inform us how to cancel the automatic credit card payments .
Message from A:
I will miss you easyread sooooo much , I can now read by my self , I will read a story this summer to my grandma , thank you sooo much for teaching me how to read !
Thanks for your cooperation .

– L

We have really enjoyed your site.

We have really enjoyed your site. Chelsea has improved and is spelling much better. She has passed the entry for the creative writing class that she has been working towards. She has started the course and is very busy. We are sad that we have to end the membership. We want to thank you for all the help. We will definitely recommend your site to other families.

– D