Parent Reviews of Easyread

Our most recent reviews:

We can’t thank you enough!!

We can’t thank you enough!! This has been a huge part of our lives for the past year and half. The Easyread program has done more than just taught our girl to read, it has boosted her self-confidence, taught her to overcome obstacles, made going to school not a fight (this ones huge), and opened up her world to more possibilities. With a sad heart and excitement for the future, we will stop here. Vienne will be moving forward with books. We will continue to recommend Easyread to anyone and everyone we can, it’s a life changer. Thank you for everything.

Reading score jumped 200 points!

Please cancel Parker’s learner account. Easyread was great for him for the first 100 or so lessons, he has since tapered off and has lost interest. Thank you for helping him as much as he has been helped. We’re cancelling because Easyread works, not because we’re unhappy with the wonderful system. Parker is now 12 and finds the games and system to bee too young for him. Since August of 2019 Parker’s standardized reading score jumped 200 points!!! His teacher asked what we did, we told them about your great system. We will forget ahead, keeping the 1 on 1 reading time with dad to further refine Parker and Kai’s reading ability. Thank you

His teacher was blown away…

His confidence in reading is steadily improving and he is reading more difficult books outside of Easy read. We do the ninja finger tracking exercises most evenings and I am seeing him following lines of text easier without skipping lines or words as often as he did in the past. One huge improvement from school is that he had a language test just prior to the holiday break and his teacher was blown away at how much his understanding of what he is reading has improved. His overall reading score increased only four points, but his comprehension jumped over 20 points from the test comparison done at the beginning of the school year, placing him at grade level with comprehension. I attribute that to Easy read. He is still a slow reader, but we continue to see weekly progress. I can’t wait to see what his reading improvements will be as the program is continued. Thank you all so very much!

She no longer views reading as a stressful activity. She is developing a genuine love for reading.

This message is in regards to the membership. I would like to cancel. Thanks to this program, Melah is now reading independently with confidence and she enjoys reading now. She is reading to and with me, and to her brothers. She no longer views reading as a stressful activity. She is developing a genuine love for reading. Before we started this program reading was stressful to her causing her a lot of anxiety and she struggled a lot with it and with low self esteem due to her challenge with learning to read. She is now the complete opposite and it has been a beautiful thing to watch her discover reading and see her feel good about her accomplishments on this journey. I am so proud of her and happy for her.
I wanted to thank you and this program so very much for helping my daughter. We tried so many programs and it was miserable seeing her so upset and feeling bad about herself time and time again. I can’t think you guys enough for this wonderful gift you have given her. I tell other moms about this program and how it has helped Melah.
Thank you so very much again!

– J

It is so pleasing to hear her read…

Charlotte thinks the lessons are going well, as do I. Yesterday I was quite unwell and by late afternoon we still hadn’t done the lesson. Charlotte just out of the blue said, “we haven’t done easy read yet, can we do it now?” For Charlotte to want to do this is a massive positive. We have no problem completing a daily lesson.

Her normal reading is more fluent and she is more likely to read unfamiliar text to me now, in small doses. When she does read majority of the text she gets correct. It is so pleasing to hear her read and she puts so much emotion into the reading too which tells me she understands the context of the text she is reading too.

I can’t begin to express how grateful I am for this program.

Beaming with pride and joy!

We were not very consistent with lessons over the holidays, so we were extra excited that the fourth bookshelf was available yesterday. Eli enjoyed reading paragraphs, and did an excellent job. My husband and I are so proud of the progress he’s made since late July, and it’s wonderful to see Eli beaming with pride and joy when he reads!

We’re very grateful for Easyread. The program, and the dedication of your staff, have made such a positive impact on our family (and I’m sure many others). Thank you so much for all you do!

– G

After being sent the challenge of no mistakes…

After being sent the challenge of no mistakes with the small words, Thea rose to the challenge. She has been trying so hard for the past few days. I can honestly say when we started Easy Read in August I never believed this day would come. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her so proud, ‘Mummy I’ve done it I can really read”

And she still loves doing it, chasing me around the house telling me its time for ‘Easy read’ Looking forward to working on the spelling.

Thank you


We would like to cancel our easyread subscription now please (Lesson 89)

We would like to cancel our easyread subscription now please. Martha has made incredible progress and we are very very grateful for the programme. She took to it so well and it has made all the difference, her reading is so much more fluent, she is slowing down and really hearing what she is reading now.

Many thanks for everything.


We are thrilled

You get what you pay for and this has been an amazing program! We are thrilled with the progress Emma has made. Thanks so much!

Everything is coming together

Everything is slowly coming together. She is right at the line of reading at grade level. Her fluency is what is holding her back, but even her teacher is noticing a positive change so that’s exciting. Looking forward to what things will look like in another month or two


She has completed 115 lessons and she has progressed really well….

I would like to cancel my daughters subscription to easyread. She has completed 115 lessons and she has progressed really well. She is a lot more confident with reading and has always been keen to complete the lessons. I feel she has progressed enough so would like to cancel. Thank you for your help

I just want to say thank you so much for this…

I just want to say thank you so much for this amazing program! It has given my son such confidence to finally be able to read. He has come so far in just the short period of time he has used it. It has worked better than any other thing I have tried (and we’ve tried lots over the past several years). He can finally read words we never thought possible. This has truly been a lifesaver! I would recommend it to anyone with a struggling reader.

Thank you again!

She has started attempting to read words on her own…

She has started attempting to read words on her own, including words up to about 6 letters. She has been sounding out words on signs and boxes and she’s tickled when she gets it.

I can tell she’s reading faster now than she was before the 10 day intense eye tracking and I remember what it was like before Easyread. I think we are on the right track, if going a little slowly.

Big Yeah! She has started spontaneously and independently writing. Today she wrote ‘pforms’. She was working for ‘performs’, but still, the fact that she had the confidence to try…it’s a step in the write (haha) direction.

He has really done well – and in a short time.

I wish you could see the dramatic difference in his school work from the end of September until now with his classwork. He writes and spells so well – even if he says he hates to do it. I am hoping we can get him to like reading a little more and want to try spending time reading books with him in January. If he goes backwards, then I will start him up again. Again, I am so grateful that we found this program. He looks forward to his lessons – most of the time- and he has really done well – and in a short time.

You made the learning fun and gave our son confidence…

Thank you for all of the information.
I wanted you to know that we received a message from Aedon’s teacher.
He was tested at the beginning of the school year for his reading DRN level it was at 12. He was tested last week and he jumped EIGHT (8) levels to a reading DRN level 20! His 2nd grade level goal is 24.

We will continue with the post EasyRead recommendations and plan on firing up his learner account during summer break.

I plan on submitting a recommendation on Facebook this month. We cannot thank you enough for this program. You made the learning fun and gave our son confidence with reading and spelling.

– R

A big YES!

QUESTION 1) Are you seeing confidence and accuracy continuing to build in the lessons?
ANSWER – YES! He is trying new words and following thru new words with success in his regular reading. His reading assessment at school has increased by 4% compared to his last testing which is huge related to the regression he showed with his testing before we began this program. His overall confidence with reading is improving. We have begun a game where he spells out words in easy read characters and he makes me figure out what the message is. It’s definately helping his spelling and his writing is continuing to improve with more correct spellings instead of his made up words of what he thinks a word should be spelled.

We wish to suspend our Easyread account…

We wish to suspend our Easyread account. When Grady started the program he was homeschooling. He started attending public school this year and is excelling. The course has helped him immensely. He just doesn’t have as much time and Ive found we keep forgetting to log in. I would like to thank you all, this program completely changed my sons drive and ability to read. I recommend it to anyone who will listen. Have a Merry Christmas!

As a Homeschool Mom, Easyread has been a Godsend…

We would like to continue lessons for Jackson. As a Homeschool Mom, Easyread has been a Godsend for teaching Jackson how to read in a way that was fun for him and much less stressful for me as the homescho mom/teacher. He has gone from being essentially a non-reader 9 months ago to being able to read. Incredible.

I had purchased many programs trying to find one that would work for him and had 2 large stacks of beginner and simple Sightword flashcards (144 cards in each stack), I pulled them out the other day and he read the words in each stack in under 3 minutes per stack with just a couple of errors. And he never had to go through the drudgery of learning “Sightwords.” As a homeschooler he will take a required annual standardized achievement test in Feb/March 2020 and I can’t wait to see his reading improvement and forsee that he will now be on grade level (or at least very close to it!) for reading.

Thank you Easyread!

Ryder has come a long way in his reading journey

Can I please cancel Ryder’s Learner account. We have had a great experience with easyread and it has been wonderful. Ryder has come a long way in his reading journey. We can’t tell you how much of a difference the easyread system has made to Ryder. Our decision to stop easyread is because we feel that we now have the skills to move forward because of the skills that easyread have given us.

Thank you so much.
– B

We were able to work without the stress that other approaches seem to have inherently…

What we like most about easyread is that the approach to work and it helps to keep Yara engaged. We were able to work without the stress that other approaches seem to have inherently. There were times when she was challenged and pushed back but she always had the trainer text available to support her. We would like to continue with the lessons without hesitation. We feel she’s getting a benefit from continuing to play the games and reading the books.

– F

This program has been the best solution for us…

David took some standardized tests that we recently received the scores for and his reading jumped to the 91% overall and his spelling grammar jumped to the 86%. I believe that this program has helped him. I do think he has some mild auditory processing issues and thus has taken a little more time than most. I have appreciated the spelling and the writing lab emphasis in the higher lessons. I plan on using your service for a few more months and see what happens. This program has been the best solution for us and we have seen improvement with David.

– M

I am writing to inform you of our desire to cancel…

I am writing to inform you of our desire to cancel our account with Easyread.

Levi has really enjoyed the Easyread program and his reading and writing has come on leaps and bounds since starting. His progress at school is great and we are really pleased with how he has developed.

I wish to thank you for all your support and will happily recommend Easyread in the future.



Six months of progress in eight weeks!

Her meeting went very well with her teacher, she said Emmie has made 6 months of progress since we started this program and that was like 8 weeks ago!!! I was so excited to hear this and she is only 2 levels behind where she needs to be!! She was like 10 levels behind before this program, I can’t thank you all enough and am so excited to see where the rest of the program takes her!!! Thanks again!!

Easyread has been a wonderful experience so far for me…

Easyread has been a wonderful experience so far for me and my two twin daughters (who just turned 9)!! I was looking for an online resource that could help them with learning to read in English (we are based in Italy) and I came across Easyread. We tried the free trial and from day one my children loved it! The system is structured in a very fun loving manner, while at the same time delivering an excellent educational program.

We are now at lesson 44 and both my kids have shown clear progress in their reading skills. The Easyread support team is super: very supportive and always on hand to answer any questions or give personalized advice and tips. I highly recommend this program to any parent with a child who is struggling with reading! Give it a try and see for yourself 🙂


he is now reading chapter books (we can hardly believe it!)

We’ve loved Easy Read and it has helped hugely with Joe’s reading. However, he is now reading chapter books (we can hardly believe it!) and we feel his time is now best spent reading books rather than on the pc with Easy Read. Please let me know how to end my subscription ASAP.
Many thanks for all your help,