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Our most recent testimonials:

Learning to read used to feel like wading through treacle.

The lessons are really fun and really quick. It sometimes feels like it’s done before we’ve begun. He is enjoying it, so it’s one thing that doesn’t feel like a battle to get him to do!

I expected it to feel more like hard work! Maybe it’s because it’s early days and David did warn us it would get harder. Having said that it does feel like the right level for him, but we’re just used to everything to do with learning to read feeling difficult and frustrating, a bit like wading through treacle. This he can actually do.

I do feel confident that this is right for him. Everything about retraining children’s brains to decode words rather than guess, really resonates. It has long confused me how he seems more able to read longer words more easily than shorter ones – now i understand it’s because all the shorter words look the same (what, why, when, where, who etc) and so there are lots of different possibilities and he guesses the wrong one.

Listening and reading about the Easyread philosophy felt a bit like reading about my own child. It all felt so familiar.

– S

Significantly better than we had actually hoped

Bryce is doing significantly better than we had actually hoped to achieve at this point. He really likes the program and is responding well to it. He still has mix-ups with b’s and d’s sometimes, but not nearly as much.

– L

What I love most about the course is that my son loves it.

The system has been different because my son loves it and I find a difference in his confidence towards his learning.

I gave the trial a go because after hearing David speak on Facebook I found it related to my son alot.

What I love most about the course is that my son loves it and it is building up his confidence to learn each day and he is starting to decode his words, rather than guessing all the time, he cant wait to do a new lesson each day and I think he knows how much it is helping him too.

– C (Lesson 14)

His guessing on short words is practically gone.

On the whole, his progress is obvious, and it’s a real pleasure to see that when he is not too tired, his guessing on short words is practically gone and even in the case of more difficult and long words, his reading almost does not slow down at all – you can clearly see that he is indeed decoding at a steady pace now.

Easyread is a place where he has really found it a pleasure to actually play with something that was a real burden before.

– L

We couldn’t be happier with her progress.

Millie is going very well and over the last couple of months she has started to read chapter books and reading all the time. We couldn’t be happier with her progress.
– K

Ayden is definitely improving with his reading…

Ayden is definitely improving with his reading, he does not miss as many words, and his fluency is improving. He has moved on to level three of the books and he is doing extremely well. He is sounding out the words and is even trying the more difficult books and is doing well. I am impreesed with how well he has adjusted to level 3.



Something “clicked” with Lily.

You were absolutely right! After 10 days of eye exercises, something “clicked” with Lily. She asked us to read Dr. Seuss’ Green Eggs and Ham the other night. When I closed the book, she took it from my hands, opened it, and read the book to us! The best part, however, was the pride on her face. She has asked for more Dr. Seuss books, and was in the back seat reading on the way home from the bookstore.

We are so grateful and so thrilled. We will continue on with the eye exercises and continue the lessons. Thank you so much for this incredible program and your support that has made such a impact on our daughter and our family.


Tom is improving slowly and steadily.

Tom is improving slowly and steadily. He is now sounding out words and able to blend them (mostly). He is rarely guessing. He is starting to read some words without the framework which is fantastic.

– P (lesson 60)

Wow you have explained my son to a tee

Wow you have explained my son to a tee I can’t tell you how excited I am about the program!!! Tonight I printed off the characters and we had so much fun playing memory games and go fish with the characters. After his first lesson he was beaming and he did say I can’t wait for my next lesson So a massive thank you already! Watching your training videos really helped explain everything so well!!!! I’m actually a trained primary school teacher I’ve been working so hard with him with a lot of resistance all year and I can already see that this program is going to work wonders! Thank you We look forward to the next lesson!!!

– E

We are so excited for him!

Thank you, his reading has improved so so much. We are so excited for him! He started with slightly more difficult books at around lesson 65 actually. He is busy flying through a kids series by H.I Larry. (Zac Powers). All on his own. I let him read 30 minutes out loud every day now (most days) and he does it with ease. Then he also does silent reading in between.

Thank you so much for helping him make great progress up until now.

– M (lesson 95)

Confidence growing day by day!

The lessons are really coming together now and Dales confidence is growing day by day. He has started back at school now and this is where i am seeing the biggest progress. He is much more fluent with his reading books, not as hesitant and the comments from the teachers are amazing. He and I are really seeing the rewards of our hard work over the summer and I think by Lesson 90 Dale will have made significant progress. This program really is working for him. Thanks. He is on the third bookshelf and apart from an odd big word he is doing really well. He is coping well with the type race. He gets a bit fustrated when the other car goes past him and his main aim is winning. The typing will be a great asset.

Nathan had a reading test at school today and he is reading between 11.5 and 12.5 years now….Wow.

Hi Eleanor
Just thought I would let you know that Nathan had a reading test at school today and he is reading between 11.5 and 12.5 years now….Wow. He was about two years behind when we started and now he is about six months ahead of his age. He turns 11 on the 20th, next week. Thank you sooo much. He is thrilled and has renewed enthusiasum for Easy Read. He was telling me some of the hard words like anxiety,which he read easily and wouldn’t have had any idea before. I will hopefully get the results of a spelling test tomorrow, but I won’t be worried if that hasn’t increased as much as you have said it will take longer. I’m so glad I took the chance and signed Nathan up. Thanks again,
– T

Elena now has decoding as her dominant strategy when reading…

Elena now has decoding as her dominant strategy when reading (we are still working on some guessing) and is able to tackle reading at a much faster pace. Meaning she can get through more in one sitting and it is actually fun as she gets a real story or other content rather than painful snippets.

– A

Thank you for designing such a well-rounded program.

We are very impressed with Henry’s development. It was a tough start to the school year for him, but we really feel that he now has the skills to overcome his difficulties with reading and comprehension.

We will not be continuing with Easyread at the end of this installment, as Henry has got to start extra-curricular work from his Occupational Therapist at the end of this month.

Thank you for designing such a well-rounded program. We needed as much instruction as Henry in the beginning, as we hadn’t realised how negative the reading and writing experience had become for him and how little positive reinforcement he had been receiving from us. Consider us all re-trained!

– R

He read with confidence!!!

Last night I have to tell you I usually read to him before bed, and we have been reading the first book of Harry Potter, he took it out of my hands and read it out aloud…….it was wonderful. He read with confidence!!! we were both so happy to get to this stage.

– M

My daughter Elly just completed her first lesson.

My daughter Elly just completed her first lesson. At first when I told her about this program she thought it would be difficult and really kind of borring but she had so much fun with her first lesson, that she ran out of the room yelling to her brother how amazing and fun her first lesson was. That brought a huge smile to my face. Thank you for putting this program together. I can’t wait to see the progress she’ll will make over the coming months.
– T

He has grown in confidence 10 fold…

We’d like to finish our subscription for Hugo at the end of the month – before our recurring order charge please.

The course has been wonderful in teaching/ training Hugo to approach his reading in a different way. He now decodes as he reads and he has grown in confidence 10 fold. There is also much less resistance/ anxiety with reading and we now feel he is capable of returning to his usual readers and other books that spark his interest. There has been a huge shift and we’re very thankful we came across you!

Once again thank you for creating this wonderful program for all the kids out there that need it.

– T

I’d like to thank you for the program.

I’d like to thank you for the program. Dexter’s spelling and confidence have improved immensely. If if it wasn’t for this program we wouldn’t have picked up his vision issues that were contributing to his poor attention and spelling.

Easyread has been a fantastic program and I would recommend it to anyone with reading or spelling issues. Your support has been amazing.

– C

The lessons are going SOOO well.

The lessons are going SOOO well. Cooper is now starting to try and read signs when we are out and about, he has NEVER done this as way to hard! His school is doing testing this week so I am really keen to see how he goes. At home he is reading level 13 sight words, when we started this program his school had reluctantly put him on level 10 because he had been on level 9 for over 12 months. Cooper’s confidence is growing every day and I’m excited to see how much more he progresses over the next few months.

– B

We are both incredible grateful for the life long skills you have given Connor…

Dear David and Lydia,

Connor and I would like to thank you for the wonderful gifts we have received from you both:
* Your time;
* Your knowledge;
* Your personalised service; and
* most importantly the skills to help Connor read.

We are both incredible grateful for the life long skills you have given Connor. I would love to see how we go with now reading text as I feel confident we will be able to expand his reading ability with the skills you have given us. If not, you will see us back here in a couple of months.


Kind regards

– S

We are impressed with progress…

We are impressed with progress and Sebastian is very compliant with the programme – happy to do it, in large part because he feels its helping him.
He is re-reading for fluency.
All in all I am really very happy.
He’s going back to school feeling more confident.

– O

School testing showed unbelievable progress

The program has been great for Nastia!! She has improved greatly in her reading! We used your program all during her 3rd grade year! At the end of the year, her school testing showed unbelievable progress! She had jumped from being two years behind to being on grade level! She has started the 4th grade and is doing great! Last night I came into her room and she was reading her library book! She asked if I would like her to read it to me. Of course, I did! The change is incredible!! Thank you so much! It’s a fabulous program!

– T

I didn’t expect all the training for me, as a parent, which I think is great.

I didn’t expect all the training for me, as a parent, which I think is great. I thought I had read and learned everything about dyslexia before I started the program (and was interested in EasyRead because it was actually putting everything I had learned all together. But I have been learning so much and am excited to share the information and program with friends and teachers!

  • Reid

I was so happy as was he (he was so proud).

Hi Lydia

Must tell you this. Ed has never, what I would describe, as randomly read something. We went out for dinner tonight, to celebrate Father’s Day. Ed from his seat could see a sign…he said “mum, that says Open Bottle Shop”
I was so happy as was he (he was so proud). Now maybe not the first “random” words of reading I was hoping for but it does not matter.

On another note he later said that he saw the pictures above the “bottle” word. Amazing.

I am full of joy, as is Ed.


We would like to cancel…

We would like to cancel our recurring subscription order, effective today, Sept 1, 2018

We feel Henry is in a great position with reading to continue improving with us on his own.

Thanks so much for all your help!