Parent Testimonials

Hello. We would like to hold off on a further subscription…

Hello. We would like to hold off on a further subscription for A and A. My girls have both made tremendous strides. With the school year coming to a close they are showing less interest in the program and more interest in books! Yeah!
Thank you!

– D (lesson 138)

Dear Easy-Read Team,

Dear Easy-Read Team,

I wanted to say thank you for all you have done for my son Evan over these past 10 months or so. He has made great strides in reading fluency, which has also meant many fewer tears, much less frustration, and a better school experience. He’s also gained the experience of working hard at something that he didn’t initially want to do and seeing it pay dividends, as well as realizing that sometimes there are outside factors (such as eye-tracking issues) that can affect reading, which can be overcome and which *do not* reflect on his self-worth.

Regrettably, it’s time for us to come to an end with our time with Easy-Read, as we need to divert our time, efforts, and finances to other challenges. But we do so feeling that we’ve reached our goal–Evan’s teachers, Evan and myself are all pleased with where he stands now and where he can go from here.

Please let me know if you need anything else from me.

Best wishes to all of you!

– L (lesson 180)

I just want to say thank you so much for…

I just want to say thank you so much for the awesome prize! the motivation for Sam has really sparked and he is really having fun with his lessons. i as a parent am absolutely loving seeing him succeed and having fun while doing it.

thank you and so happy we have found this program
– D (lesson 6)

We are both so thankful for what you have done…

We are both so thankful for what you have done, and Grace has achieved so so much. It has been such a pleasure and such a great success seeing Grace thrive and be happy, – knowing she can now actually read without much difficulties. Grace loved your lessons and she is so sad to end them. – D

A huge, huge thank you!! Really.

Hi. The helicopter has arrived! Thank you! We will now be stopping with Easyread and you have already stopped our payments, thank you.

Easyread has been a lifesaver in terms of Scarlet’s difficulty with reading. She had absolutely no confidence academically and Easyread was a magical, fresh start for her. Her reading speed still needs to improve but she can now read which is fantastic! Now that Scarlet has been diagnosed as dyslexic she understands why she has found learning to read tricky and from day 1 of the course she was a much happier and hopeful little girl. The support from ER has been great and I cannot think of how our ER experience could have been improved. We are so grateful and we do recommend it to people we know with children who are struggling. I’m still trying to convince Scarlet’s school to use it!

A huge, huge thank you!! Really.

– S (lesson 227)

Today, Sophie picked up a book to read…

Today, Sophie picked up a book to read. Hooray! She persisted through for a solid 20 minutes. This was totally initiated by her. That’s progress.

And, making her practice her spelling words for school is so much easier now that I can use the EasyRead characters as reference. She can break down the sounds.

Feeling inspired today… hope this persists!

– C (at lesson 86)