Parent Testimonials

Our most recent testimonials:

Tremendous improvement in 48 lessons

These last 48 lessons have made a tremendous improvement. When we first started easyread because Ambers teacher had expressed concern that she was loosing confidence at school. She is obviously bright and could see all the other kids able to read and she was not able to even sound out words.Although she is only 5, her teacher is pretty certain she is dyslexic or perhaps with ADHD (both of which run in our family)The most important thing for me is that she is happy and this was beginning to effect her confidence socially, which was perhaps the biggest concern for me. Her school have been hugely supportive and even have a big laminated printout of all the easyread characters for Amber to use in class when she gets a bit distracted.

I am so happy to say that, that after 48 easyread lessons, Amber is totally over this lack of confidence. She seems much happier and her friendships are stronger as well. I got her school report yesterday – here is what her teacher said about her reading and writing this term:

“Amber has made progress with her reading and phonics. She loves to write in the role play area and often chooses to do so freely in the class diary and writing book. The work she has been doing at home has made all the difference to her reading, giving her so much more confidence and a desire to give reading a go. It has been wonderful to see her blossom in this way.”

Thank you all so much and please feel free to use my testimonial wherever you like.

I have hope, thank you so much!

We just finished Gunner’s second lesson and he has a smile on his face and said “This is fun”! No tears. I have hope, thank you so much!

– D

There has been a huge improvement in Harry’s reading and general ‘give-a-go’ attitude.

There has been a huge improvement in Harry’s reading and general ‘give-a-go’ attitude. At lesson 90 I was slightly concerned that he was still trying to guess some words but I have to say that now as we have hit lesson 100 there has been a huge leap for us. He is reading things on the screen and on the TV and when we are out and about without any prompting – this has never happened to us before!
Harry will start to bring home-readers home as part of his homework from tomorrow so that will be an awesome way for him to see that he can do it.

– A

My daughter wants to read books on her own!

Firstly I just want to thank you as this program has been fabulous. My daughter is 6 and is now reading above grade level. It is great because she has Irlen and dyslexia and I have no doubts her success is down to this program. The reason I want to stop the program is because my daughter now prefers to read other books in her hand. She wants to stop as she has gotten bored of the program (Please take this as a compliment). She can read now and sound out any tricky words, so I think its job complete. We are reading each day but it is usually from her own library.

Recently had some amazing news…

We have just recently had some amazing news. Holly has passed her year 1 phonic screening test. Not just passed it, but smashed it- gaining 38-40 correct. She has just been assessed generally with her reading and the teacher has said she is now at national expected for her age (working at). The SENCO and teacher have been totally baffled with her progress. Holly has caught up in 5 months, this is down to the easyread system and of course our daily commitment to it and your support. I can not thank you enough. Please forward this to David and feel free to use this for any marketing etc that you wish to. We are looking forward to the progress being extending to her spelling.

I greatly value the support you have given me so far

It was great to get a call from you. I initially didn’t respond because I thought surely this was not a service for those outside of the UK. I was so shocked when my phone rang and feeling so positive about completing this course.

I greatly value the support you have given me so far. I feel finally I may have something that can help me help me beautiful little girl get back on track.

Thank you again

– N

Sean has started reading on his own by choice!

Sean has started reading on his own by choice! I’m so excited. His teacher has also noticed a great improvement in his reading. He is also wrapped he can read more per phrase in the reading section and is loving the book about Odysseus and the Cyclops.

– K

Excited to pick up books!

Maria slowly improved with her reading until recently when she seems to have come on in leaps and bounds. She is excited to pick up books and read to me, even when we are walking home from school.
Her spelling is now starting to come on too and she can spell words that she has not learnt which is brilliant. We are very pleased and Maria is very excited that she is close to the end of the programme.

He picked a book off the shelf!

I wanted to let you know that we have now received the Bronze Certificate, thank you!! Máté was sooo proud of himself – and with good reason.:-) It is now on the wall of his room.
And…the next morning as we were getting ready for the day, I found him lost in a book which he just took off his shelf. I tiptoed out to let him take his time; a few minutes later he came in to me, beaming: he read it all!:-) It was a book for smaller children (in French, by the way), with one or two lines on each page. But still, he clearly grabbed it because he wanted to do the reading, too, not just to look at the images. That is what I call SUCCESS, with capitals.:-))

I attribute this program with his reading. Great program!

Hunter has made lots of progress using Easyread. He can read harder words. He has accomplished a lot and his teachers have noticed lots of growth. I’m very proud and we always encourage and tell him how great he is doing. He loves the prizes as well. I attribute this program with his reading. I use the characters with books he reads to help him with the sounds the word is making. Great program!


We have seen a substantial improvement…

We have seen a substantial improvement of late in Siennas reading. This has come about in the last few weeks. She is now reading age appropriate books of her own accord. She still has some way to go but we have seen the results as promised. Thankyou.

– E

Declan can now read, where as a year ago he really couldn’t.

The way the programme is constructed is fab and Declan was interested from the start. I’m not sure what you could improve, Declan can now read, where as a year ago he really couldn’t. he still struggles with a few words but I am sure with more practice this will improve. His spelling is still a sticky point but it is improving too.
Thanks again for creating this programme.


– C

Ruby is feeling much more confident in her ability to learn to read

Thanks for the Skype session last week.
Ruby has made great progress over the 88 lessons she has completed.
The program, and the team, have definitely fulfilled on the unconditional promise of clear reading progress with normal books by lesson 90.
Ruby is feeling much more confident in her ability to learn to read. She still believes she is behind the majority of her peers in reading (although I am not sure this is true any longer), but is able to see what progress she has made.
Her teachers have notice a dramatic improvement in Ruby reading, and are really please with what we have been doing with her.

And, since our Skype session, we have been focusing on reading each page after Ruby has decoded it. It has really helped having her hear you say she needs to do it, and she is no longer hearing me as asking her to do it just for the sake of it. She seems to better understand it helps her brain to learn each word.

Thank you again for the all the support with the program.
We really appreciate it.

– L

Even dyslexic children can have fun learning to read!

Dear Easyread team,

it has been such an exciting journey to watch Alexander improving in his reading. Alexander feels confident enough to read the real books or so he says:-)

The progress has been rather striking and his school has commented on it as well. He is moving up the reading bands fairly quickly and we are very impressed.

We have decided that his last Easyread lesson will be on the 20th of July, that’s when he’s finishing school.

Thank you all so much for all your support. I haven’t realised that even dyslexic children can have fun whilst learning to read until we’ve tried Easyread.

We wish you all the best,\.

Read brilliantly!

Dan has been doing well and we are noticing improvements in reading difficult words. He’s not guessing as much anymore and is decoding most words. Dan even got 8/27 spellings right today at school which is amazing – 2 was his highest score.  Dan was very excited to see stage 3 books today and read brilliantly.

Definite signs that his confidence is boosting and he is wanting to decode words by himself

During the last 48 lessons Braiden has been able to begin to decode words without the trainer text and is reading lots of written mediums. He is now enjoying reading words off street signs, and magazines, TV and has even started reading a simple chapter book of his own accord. We see that these are definite signs that his confidence is boosting and he is wanting to decode words by himself. Although he still feels he is struggling. HIs fluency is started to increase but he often needs to re-read phrase.
We have had a busy term of school which is now coming to the holidays so i think it is just a bit of fatigue he is struggling with.
I am very happy with his progress so we will continue with lessons regularly.

– E (lesson 66)

It is giving me hope…

Thank you so much for creating this it is giving me hope that I will be able to help Connor to read.

– D (lesson 1)

Now reading clearly!

Luke’s attention to the words whilst reading and reading slowly enough to decipher words has improved immensely over the 90 lessons. He is reading clearly.

We are very excited about Lily’s progress…

Thank you so much, Lydia! It was lovely to have that lesson with you. We are very excited about Lily’s progress and incredibly grateful that you all have developed this system that addresses Lily’s particular struggles in ways that nothing else ever has. Thank you! (I think I also needed a bit of encouragement that we are all on the right track, so thank you!)


The teacher has never seen such a significant improvement in such a short amount of time.

Connor and I just wanted to thank you for your help so far.

We had a teachers meeting last week and Connor’s teachers have noticed a huge improvement with his comprehension and sounding out to spell and decode words when reading orally.

His teachers have also noticed a huge improvement in his level of participation in group work and discussions.

Connor was retested for his level of literacy and he has jumped three levels since starting easy read. Connor’s teacher told Connor she has never seen such a significant improvement in such a short amount of time.

Connor has recently told me he would sit in class and pretend he was reading as he found it too difficult to read. He is now able to read his tasks and is able to attend to these independently.

Connors spelling has also improved so we are slowly able to understand what he is writing. He recently obtained a school award for spelling all his words correctly without any earlier practice.

We are really thankful for what your program has achieved so far.

– S (lesson 87)

Alice has recently read her first book independently

I feel that Alice is really starting to improve now, with more fluency with shorter words and a good ability to decode harder words automatically. Previously if a word looked unknown, she would simply give up, saying she didn’t know what the word was. She does not seem to see that she is improving yet, and still lack in confidence, but I hope that over time she will realise she is getting there. Alice is now correctly decoding the words in the Name Place game, whereas at the beginning I had to skip it completely because she was very distressed by it.
Alice has recently read her first book independently, and she was very proud to have done so. She even told her school teacher and brought the book in class to present it to her peers.

– L

I have to say that overall easy read has been a miracle for Aaron

I have to say that overall easy read has been a miracle for Aaron. He can now read fluently and for the first time last week he actually lifted a book and sat and read it himself. I was so proud of him especially when I look back last March he could hardly read books of his age. He has progressed so much and we are 3 quarters the way through Black Beauty which I never believed he would achieve. His spelling still needs practice but it is much better. The only thing we experienced which was difficult was when the decoding pictures were changed. It took much longer to decode as we were so used to the original ones. The other thing now is the games are too easy for him which is a positive thing. The only one that is good is the spell race as he still hasn’t achieved his full potential there. I just want to thank you all for your help and support. I think I will continue on for a while as I would like Aaron to finish the present book. I now need an easy maths system!!!!

She is so much happier in herself and in her ability to read

Jia is so proud of herself today making it to the final stage of her program!!!! We had our ups and downs though out the process but she has come out of it a year later on top of the world. She is so much happier in herself and in her ability to read all because of how thorough your program is in helping me to help her. Thank you guys so much for everything!!!! I think we have all the tools now to move forward. I will definitely oversee the helicopter she has so proudly earned!!! Thank you again for everything.

— JW