Parent Reviews of Easyread

Our most recent reviews:

I notice him reading more everyday signs and words in daily life.

Progress is good, he is definitely reading more than before we started the course. I notice him reading more everyday signs and words in daily life. We are happy to continue the course for a while longer as we feel that he’s near a real breakthrough and his fluency and accuracy will improve pretty quickly once he cracks the basics.

– J

A massive improvement.

His reading over this past week is almost perfect ! compared to 4 months ago where he was struggling to finish a sentence. In particular this week I have noticed a massive improvement.
Yes you guys have met your promise of clear reading improvement with normal books by lesson 90!

– C

We will forever be grateful.

I would just like to express my thanks once again, we were so blessed to have this programme through year 3 of school. It has brought Georgina up three levels in reading and up two in spelling. We have come so far and are now pitching mid class well above some of her peers. I dont think this would have been possible without such a brain cementing programme.

We will forever be grateful.

– C

I believe this is really working and helping her. 

I want to tell you that last night Jayla took several learning to read books without being asked and read all the stories by herself. I have had these books for two years and haven’t been able to get her to even touch one never mind choose to read several. I believe this is really working and helping her.

– E

We are beginning to see his decoding skills transfer into ‘real life’…

QUESTION 1) Could you give me some feedback on how you feel the last 48 lessons of Phase 2 have been?
We have found the lessons great, he’s just moved onto the section where the trainer text has disappeared and at first this was very unsettling for him but after a few lessons he got into the groove of it, and we are beginning to see his decoding skills transfer into ‘real life’ we noticed that while he was up town the other day that he was decoding the shops names and was telling me them without any prompting, we’ve also noticed that his reading has become more fluent and he doesn’t seem to stop and want to give up when he gets to tricky words anymore. We are so happy with how he is progressing and I’m looking forward to seeing how he continues to progress.

– K

She is happy to pick up a book and read read read

How has progress been through the first half of the process and have we delivered on our unconditional promise of clear reading progress with normal books by lesson 90?
ANSWER: it’s been good. Alex’s reading and writing is improving . She is happy to pick up a book and read read read

– K

I was thrilled to see a difference already after lesson 12!

Just wanted to let you know Conor’s teacher came up to me yesterday to say how he had noticed Conor’s reading had improved and whatever we are doing at home to keep it up! I was thrilled and amazed to see a difference already after lesson 12! I’m looking forward to the feedback after lessons go on and we complete the course!

– M

We are really impressed!

Finn has improved immensely. The characters disappeared at lesson 60 when he went to a new book, and he is managing the reading section pretty well. We have noticed he has learnt to break the words up in a decoding fashion. We are really impressed!

– S

Our friends are amazed at his progress

It depends on the book, sometimes there are words that we need to explain, but I think he understands more and more each day. I love this program. Every Saturday our friend Kelly comes to us to help Benji learn reading and writing and she is amazed by the progress that he has made because of this method. Thank you.

We are so thankful to have found Easy Read – it really has been life changing.

A break through came a couple of weeks ago when she asked to read a chapter of the Demon Dentist (current bed time story!). I wasn’t there but her dad videoed it – It took half an hour – she was determined. She needed help with several words but would never have attempted this before we started Easy Read. It was an emotional moment for all of us. She has since read more chapters or shared the reading. She is also just reading more when we are out and about which is great! She has even read aloud to her friends in her class – big step forward. We are delighted with her progress but what’s even better is that Georgina can see the difference Easy Read has made, and is making to her reading.

We are so thankful to have found Easy Read – it really has been life changing.

– P

No drama anymore…

It’s fantastic. Really noticing a difference with Cameron’s reading. If he is unsure of a word, he now breaks it down and logically sounds it out. He still really enjoys the sessions and there is no drama getting him to sit down and do his daily session!

Ben loves the lessons and wants to continue Easyread forever…

The lessons have been going really well!
Ben loves them and wants to continue Easyread forever. He has suddenly taken to reading and has been picking up chapter books to read at night.
He won’t stop reading until he is too tired, and needs to sleep.

– T

I am delighted in James progress…

I am delighted in James progress. He still clearly finds it hard work, but he is definitely offering to read, which he hadn’t done before and is transferring his ability to read to books. When I am reading a bedtime story to his brother, James asked to read the last sentence on every page. He followed my reading then finished off the page. It was fantastic to hear him, he was overjoyed with his success! As were we!!

James was keen too to show the work he is doing to his class teacher. I have therefore arranged a session with his teacher where we will do a easy read lesson with him. James is looking forward to teaching his teacher about the package!! I will let you know how it goes, and will certainly promote the package you are offering.

Thank you to you and the team for this amazing program.

Thank you to you and the team for this amazing program. The fact that Taran is feeling more confident in himself and will voluntarily pick up a book and start reading is an amazing testament to the amount of work that you have all put in to establishing this.
The calls and message system are more than what I was expecting and have been priceless in being able to speak to someone about it all.
We really appreciate everything you ave done for us and for being an amazing contact person.

Best wishes for the continuation of the program.
– T

The gift of reading

I will need to cancel my subscription before the next payment is due. This is mainly due to the fact that Maisie is doing well at her reading and is now reading books outside of easy read (which was my aim). That coupled with the fact that her spelling will come with the reading in time and the fact that the subscription, albeit great value for the gift of reading, is probably too much to pay now that our main goal is achieved and she is reaching her age related milestones. Should she dip we can use our techniques but I want to look at her reading story books now and decoding them. We will continue to use the principles.

Thank you for all that your programme has done, it really has made such a difference.

The Easyread approach is so different, painless and entertaining…

As you can imagine we are all thrilled that Ava has completed Easyread. We have decided not to continue (so please cancel our payments), but Ava will continue to read every day so that her reading continues to improve. We have borrowed Alice in Wonderland as an ebook from the library so we can increase the font size, and Ava is happy she will be able to read the rest of the book she started in Easyread.

I wanted to say a big thank you to you, David, and the rest of the team for your support throughout the program. Ava’s reading has improved so much. We have tried many things to help Ava read, and this is the only thing that has worked.

The Easyread approach is so different, painless and entertaining, which is in stark contrast to the other reading systems we investigated.

Ava previously avoided reading, but now she has the confidence and the skills to decode even difficult words. This has reduced the barriers to her broader learning so much, and reduced her frustration.

David should feel very proud that the wonderful program he developed helps so many children. We are so thankful we discovered Easyread.

We will continue to highly recommend Easyread to any parent whose child is struggling to read.

Many thanks again,

– E

I’d just like to say that Charlie will finish with easy read at the end of this month…

I’d just like to say that Charlie will finish with easy read at the end of this month when he reaches 100 lessons. We are so pleased with his progress and commitment and with all your support. It has been a push this last few weeks as he nears the end of his school year and he’s happy to reach 100 lessons but we’ve agreed he can stop there. He is actually picking up books and reading them of his own accord and really enjoying it, that’s all thanks to Easyread!!! His teacher came to me today to say he had improved 4 levels in his reading too!

– L

What an amazing achievement

I recently had a parents evening at school and the overall improvement in spelling was huge. I was so proud of Luke and thanking my lucky stars we found the Easyread system.

The new teacher said she hadn’t noticed any problems with Luke’s reading aloud in class, other than he was a little quiet. What an amazing achievement.

We will carry on doing the same and look forward to more and more great results.

Extremely beneficial!

We are happy with the progress and the course has been extremely beneficial so much so we have told many other parents who have kids in a similar position as Ben of the benefits of Easyread. We are going to give it a break with the possibility of coming back if we feel Ben is not progressign further.

Thanks for all your help with Ben, myself and Lysa really appreciate it!

We had Gerogina’s last teacher interview for the school year last week…

We had Gerogina’s last teacher interview for the school year last week.
She started grade three with the reading ability of a mid grade one. We now have a reading ability of her peers in the bottom of the year threes, I truly believe that this was Easy read that got us back level (if not better than) her peers.
Thank you

– C

I am writing this most happy email to ask that you cancel…

I am writing this most happy email to ask that you cancel my children’s subscription to your amazing program.  When we began our journey into EasyRead last March, my eldest son was frustrated to tears each night when we did reading practice.  Logan is an emotional kid with specific learning needs and his anxiety was so high about going to school that he shut down emotionally and struggled to learn anything.  Easyread turned that around and helped him discover and share his true self, at home and at school.  Within 10 lessons he was excited about reading practice and asked to do it straight away when we got home each day.  After 30 lessons he told me that school was kinda fun sometimes.  Over the summer months when kids typically fall back a bit in their learning he catapulted ahead and went from 2 years behind in his reading to matching his grade level expectations.  His teacher now describes him as a ‘voracious reader who can’t get enough of stories and books.’  Not only that, he has begun writing his own stories and sharing them with his class!  Logan will always be an intense and sensitive learner but it turns out that a huge factor in his anxiety was his inability to read.
After 2 months of watching his brother play cool games and get awesome spy prizes in the mail, my second child begged me to start him in EasyRead.  Alex has hugely benefited from this valuable program.  For fun these days, my kids read plays aloud in silly voices and make costumes out of bedclothes…. they take so much joy reading together and I am so grateful!  Thank you so much for your support; I’m sure I’ll see you again when my toddler is ready to become a super-decoding EasyRead Spy!
– C

We have had a great week with Callum’s attitude to reading…

We have had a great week with Callum’s attitude to reading some books of his own choice at home. He has a series of books called “Bad Guys” by Aaron Blabey, they are a bit like a comic, but he actually wants to read them, yay. The past couple of nights he has asked if he could read them to me, amazing! And tonight when I said ok, lights out, time for sleep he said “I love reading” – even more amazing!

Thanks for giving us the opportunity to make our own light at the end of the tunnel.

– N

Beyond what I could have imagined

I also wanted to let you know that Elias has been doing amazingly well at home with his reading. He now picks up simple readers when we go to the library and sits at home on the couch reading them aloud to his little brother and to me. He is always reading signage and cereal boxes and yesterday sat down and spelled out the word potato on paper perfectly. Really he is doing beyond what I could ever have imagined a few months ago.

Thank you so much for all your help…

Just need to cancel our easy read for now. It has been an amazing help. Thank you so much for all your help. Connors reading has already brought him up to expected level, it has increased his confidence & enjoyment in reading & spelling.

– N

A resounding success.

I believe that we are now in a position to stop our EasyRead subscription. Since the last checkup, I confirmed that F has turned a corner with his decoding, and is much more comfortable with reading generally, this has just got better since as well and has clearly made progress with the reading we do outside of Easyread. It has therefore been a resounding success and a great boost for him, and he should be proud of himself. I would like to thank you for the service and the lessons and the help that you have been for F during his lessons.

– C