Parent Testimonials

Our most recent testimonials:

She is so much happier in herself and in her ability to read

Jia is so proud of herself today making it to the final stage of her program!!!! We had our ups and downs though out the process but she has come out of it a year later on top of the world. She is so much happier in herself and in her ability to read all because of how thorough your program is in helping me to help her. Thank you guys so much for everything!!!! I think we have all the tools now to move forward. I will definitely oversee the helicopter she has so proudly earned!!! Thank you again for everything.

— JW

Another jump in skill and confidence

For the past week or two Millie has started to pick up books and read them without being asked – both at home and at school. Yay! We are very happy she has experienced another jump in her skill and confidence.

Gaining confidence!

Malachi actually wanting to do the programme and also hearing him work out the phonics. Today he wrote some sentences at school which he told me his teacher was very surprised by and came home and started to rewrite them to tell me his story. This does not happen so he is gaining confidence in himself to give it a go.

His final report card of the year came yesterday and it shows significant progress in reading!

Ash has been very good about rereading after we sat down and discussed why it’s important. When he gets to hard words, he’s showing less frustration than he used to, and he’ll often repeat the hard word a number of times on his own. I’ve also noticed that he’s slowing himself down, so he’s not skipping small words like he used to. His final report card of the year came yesterday, and it shows significant progress in reading.

— J

She is now reading above grade level and her spelling has improved

Petra still loves doing Easyread. She sits down everyday unprompted and completes her session. She has alway been able to read at grade level so I was not expecting to see improvement there but we were surprised to see her speed of fluency improve dramatically. She’s doing great. She is now reading above grade level and her spelling has improved. The biggest help ER has been has been with her executive functioning skills. We never have to remind her to do it or the rest of her homework anymore. It’s wonderful! Thank you!!!

– JV

We would recommend this program to any parent

We have found the program has been a significant help to Jasper. At the beginning of this he struggled to read even a little and we have seen a big improvement in his reading ability and confidence.

We would recommend this this program to any parent who is looking for something to help out their child who is struggling with reading. We have passed on the name of the program to the administration at Jasper’s school so that they can refer other parents to you.

– J D

Bridie couldn’t spell or sound out words before starting this program…

Bridie couldn’t spell or sound out words before starting this program. I have tried many other phonics programs and nothing seemed to help her. After 20 lessons I could see she was improving with her reading. We are nearly at lesson 70 and Bridie’s writing and reading has noticeably improved. She’s progressed to higher reading levels in the classroom (nearly four levels) and is also in a higher reading group. Her self esteem has improved as a result.

The support from the easy read team really helped Bridie to become enthused. The prizes were fantastic and very high quality.

I’m so pleased with her progress and as a parent it’s honestly a relief to my constant worries about her education. As a family we value good education and strong reading and writing skills. Easyread has helped us to achieve this for our outgoing, intelligent child who was struggling to progress, we can’t thankyou enough.

– R (lesson 67)

Happily reading books on her own!

We have decided not to renew Elise’s subscription for Easyread this month. It is wonderful to report that the reason for this decision is that she is happily reading books on her own, and would rather spend her spare time reading than doing Easyread lessons! Thankyou for helping Elise regain her confidence and love for reading, and overcome a few hurdles along the way.

Changed her life and prospects

I think the last 48 lessons have been really good. They have been fun and I have seen definite progress in Flintie’s ability. Flintie has been making improvements in her reading, and it seems to be noticeable every day! We are so pleased and want to thank you so much. It really has changed her life and prospects. I think she is at a stage now where we can continue reading practice with books that she is interested in. She has just started reading for pleasure, which is amazing.

Reading overall really has come on leaps and bounds

His reading overall really has come on leaps and bounds though, we just need to get practicing with his spelling, and him gaining confidence with reading. Which I am sure will come, as he could not read at all when he started this programme. Thanks again for inventing this learning system, because without it, I still do not think Declan would be able to read. It really is amazing to see how it works for him.

Her confidence has soared

I would like to stop the course now as I’m happy with where Anya has got to. In fact, far more than happy, I’m thrilled! Last week she was following the hymns at church in her hymnbook and although she didn’t know the words, she was keeping up with the tune. She could never have done that before! Her spelling is improving to no end; she has to write a sentence including each of her spelling words every week. When we started the course, I struggled to understand it if I hadn’t helped her spell most of the words. Last week there were only 2 spelling mistakes in the whole work, and she completed it without any input from me, in about a quarter of the time she used to take. The whole homework issue is no longer a problem; she can read the instructions in maths. Her life has become much easier and her confidence has soared.

Reading has improved massively

Delphine has been making huge progress with your method and we thank you for your support along the last few months. I have also found that her reading has improved massively. She loves the library. After really enjoying the story of Robin Hood and Maid Marian, she has just started Robin Hood and the Sheriff of Nottingham (with the quirky detail that he comes to dinner in his underwear…this makes all the difference in creating interest)…she tackled the reading to my great surprise without using the characters…and seemed to read easily. She also is reading easy reader books out loud at home to her sister and to myself. I read along with her to make it fun but she definitely takes the lead.

Rapid improvement in Peter’s ability to decode

We have seen a recent, quite rapid improvement in Peter’s ability to decode using the images and more recently still – the last 5-10 lessons a concordant improvement in his confidence and ability to sight-read from text. This is fantastic to see – and it is pretty much what you had told us to expect. His reading and spelling at school have also improved notably. Peter is himself now noticing this progress and it is getting easier for us to settle him to Easyread most days of the week. The eye-tracking exercises may also have helped since this improvement kicked in around the time that you recommended we try them.

Progressed 3 reading levels!

I would like to finish up with easy read at the end of our current cycle. We have thoroughly enjoyed this program and are thrilled with the progress Jade has made. It is an excellent program and I have recommended it to all my friends. Jade has progressed three reading levels in less than two school terms and we couldn\’t be happier.

He wrote a shopping list!

Just wanted to tell you Malachi wrote a shopping list and sounded out the words. First time ever 🙂

Just a quick message to say a big thank you to Akash for…

Just a quick message to say a big thank you to Akash for the encouraging and positive skype lesson yesterday. It was so helpful to get such wonderful feedback and some ideas for moving on (with the vowels). It meant the world to Gabriella who grew as if she were 6 feet tall with pride. She asked when we could do it again. So I said every now and again perhaps we could book in as a way of her getting the feedback. I encourage her but she knows that I’m her mum and it’s my job to say good things to her!!!

It’s a truly amazing programme and team and I feel so thankful to have this support and positivity at what has been such a challenging and frustrating time.
Thank you so much,

Lots of changes so far!

So far, very good experience and I see a lot of changes in his reading, spelling, rhyming and specially his motivation and attitude towards reading in a very positive way.
Keep up the good work!!!

I am recommending it to anyone

We have LOVED EasyRead, and I am recommending it to anyone who will listen. It’s been fantastic, and Jake’s reading has really taken off.

– MH