Parent Reviews of Easyread

Our most recent reviews:

This is enormous progress…

For the first time, she is trying to decode words ourside of easy read. This is enormous progress, she just refused before and said she couldn’t do it.

– C

He caught up with his peers!

Since starting EasyRead, William has managed to catch up with his peers in reading at school and has been where he should be in terms of attainment for the last few months. Reading used to be such a struggle for him, and now it far easier. Due to different reasons, William has not been able to do the lessons as frequently as we did them in the beginning but his reading has continued to improve. I would certainly recommend EasyRead for anyone with similar problems in reading.

She learned to read… amazing

Kate has learnt to read with this, which is amazing. We’re so pleased that she is reading fluently and choosing to pick up books.

Firstly, I want to thank you for creating this system…

Firstly, I want to thank you for creating this system. We have seen a significant improvement in Kai’s reading since beginning this system in May last year.
We now feel he has reached a level that we are introducing daily reading through fun books to encourage hopefully a life long enjoyment in reading books.
If we can please cancel our subscription at this time.
Thank you and kind regards
– K

Leaps and bounds!

Freya has been making great progress with her decoding. Reading the books in the story section has been quite fluent and she has come on in leaps and bounds with her school reading too, with teachers remarking on her progress and confidence. She now seems to have secured most of the phonic sounds and digraphs and trigraphs on sight and is able to run through the sound options to say the correct one. I think sometimes, using the mouse is slow for her! We are really pleased with her progress.

We are over the moon with his progress.

We are over the moon with Jacob’s progress. He’s recently had a reading assessment at school and he’s jumped a level and is now classed as a ‘free reader’, reading age 10.

He’s done amazing!!!!!

– D

Thankyou so much for everything you have done with the easyread system

Hi David, Lydia, Sarah & all the easy read team,

Thankyou so much for everything you have done with the easyread system. It is such a great system for children struggling to reading.

Before Jack started he really didn\’t like reading but now he is really enjoying it and is even reading books!

That is why we feel it is time for Jack to go out on his own without easy read and we know that he will get better and better! In saying that can you please cancel our subscription.

Thank you again so much, we really appreciate all of your hard work creating an amazing system.

– K

He really loves reading

We are really happy with Felix’s progress and yes he is reading words much easier in his own reading books too. In fact he really loves reading and regularly wants to take charge to read the bedtime story.

– M

It does feel like something has suddenly clicked

I feel like we have suddenly had a bit of progress with reading outside of Easyread as Lennie has started to read to his sister and is seeming much more confident.
The school also did some work with him on rhymes and he seems to have got that a bit better now.
It does feel like something has suddenly clicked and he told his grandma the other day that he was able to read it as he was decoding it!

– L

One Amazing Program

I have raved to another mom with a struggling reader who pd $10,000 to fix it and still is struggling. I told her to add this to the lesson plan. I told her to try the free lessons and see how it goes. I really think this is one amazing program. I am also going to go live and talk about the program on FB. What a blessing your program has been to our family.



Huge spelling breakthrough

QUESTION 1) In his free writing, are you seeing fewer spelling mistakes than you were before starting Easyread?
A big YES! Not only can I see improvement in his spelling of basic words, but his attitude to write longer paragraphs on his own has completely changed (this may not be reflected in his writing lab, as we usually do out lessons in the morning, so we have limited time and coming up with what to write is the issue there ). The other day he wrote a third of an A4 lined page for his homework completely on his own and there were only a few mistakes, which he corrected himself after pointing it out, he found all of them in his text and corrected. This was a huge breakthrough for him, as homework writing usually looked like I wrote the text out for him and he just copied. (I know it wasn’t the best but the least damaging to his confidence)

I cannot thank you enough for what Easyread has done for both his reading ability and confidence.

HI team
Harry made it to the helicopter codeword today! This has been a huge milestone for us and he’s very excited.
I cannot thank you enough for what the Easyread system has done for both his reading ability and confidence. To Lydia in particular thank you for your guidance and assistance throughout the last few months – it has meant the world.
Harry will be starting the new school year so much more confident than last year and with a genuine reading skill set; it has been brilliant.
With thanks and kind regards
p.s. when Harry was discussing that today was his last day he said that he would miss ‘Dave’ talking to him. In true Aussie style he has shortened David’s name – please let David know that Harry is a fan and that he will miss his voice…

He has overcome the difficulty barrier that held him back from even wanting to read.

My wife and I are so pleased with Finn’s progress and development in reading due to Easyread. He has overcome the difficulty barrier that held him back from even wanting to read. He will now read books without prompting, and i am confident that he will be able to improve in normal school conditions. We, of course, will continue to monitor and assist his progress. We are so pleased to have found Easyread and grateful to you all for helping Finn get this far.

– A

He is now able to text his friends!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year we are back now after the holidays and might i add thank you for our best Christmas present. Richard is now able to read lots of his text messages and text chat on his console. He had a brilliant time because he wasn’t having to ask all the time he hardly asked at all.

– D

He now reads for pleasure.

Adam has got as much out of the system as he needed. He has loved it and the 10 minutes a day has been really manageable (except for holidays where routine goes completely out the window!). His reading has progressed tremendously and he now reads for pleasure of his own accord. Yay! Thank you so much for a great system!

– S

Monty is improving in his fluency and finding his beginner readers much easier…

Monty is improving in his fluency and finding his beginner readers much easier, which makes him far less resistant to reading outside of his easy read lessons.
He is reading silently in some easy read games too, which is very encouraging and increasing his reading confidence.I have to remind him to read the library phrases aloud and repeat sometimes if he finds them too easy and is skimming over them.
He continues to read words he sees around him, which is great. Deliberately misspelling on advertising and labelling don’t help, but good for sounding out practice.
So we’re all good thanks.And its never a struggle to get him to do his easyread lesson, so thats a bonus for me.

Thank you,

– K

I’m very excited to have got to lesson 100…

I’m very excited to have got to lesson 100 and keep telling Luca how impressed I am with him. He reads many words fluently that he just wouldn’t have had a clue how to read before doing Easyread. And the harder words he works at until he can read them or he has a good go at them.
We have missed a few sessions over christmas due to excitment and illness. I found that hard to accept as I was worried we would lose momentum but we have picked it up again thankfully.
Thank you again
Happy New Year.
PS I meant to say that on Christmas day I loved seeing how excited Luca was when he received books. I put a lot of that down to Easyread.

She said ‘I can read mummy!’

That’s a wow moment in itself. We’ve gone from a child who couldn’t read, didn’t see herself as a reader, to one who now does – it really is amazing. I can see she’s made huge progress.

– P

3 months ago I never would have imagined…

Thank you and thank you for your help. I think this call was a good confidence booster. I’m so proud of Alex! I can’t even begin to tell you how massively he’s already improved. Three months ago I would have never imagined him reading words like he’s reading now. This program has really worked for him!
Have a Merry Christmas!

I notice him reading more everyday signs and words in daily life.

Progress is good, he is definitely reading more than before we started the course. I notice him reading more everyday signs and words in daily life. We are happy to continue the course for a while longer as we feel that he’s near a real breakthrough and his fluency and accuracy will improve pretty quickly once he cracks the basics.

– J

A massive improvement.

His reading over this past week is almost perfect ! compared to 4 months ago where he was struggling to finish a sentence. In particular this week I have noticed a massive improvement.
Yes you guys have met your promise of clear reading improvement with normal books by lesson 90!

– C

We will forever be grateful.

I would just like to express my thanks once again, we were so blessed to have this programme through year 3 of school. It has brought Georgina up three levels in reading and up two in spelling. We have come so far and are now pitching mid class well above some of her peers. I dont think this would have been possible without such a brain cementing programme.

We will forever be grateful.

– C

I believe this is really working and helping her. 

I want to tell you that last night Jayla took several learning to read books without being asked and read all the stories by herself. I have had these books for two years and haven’t been able to get her to even touch one never mind choose to read several. I believe this is really working and helping her.

– E

We are beginning to see his decoding skills transfer into ‘real life’…

QUESTION 1) Could you give me some feedback on how you feel the last 48 lessons of Phase 2 have been?
We have found the lessons great, he’s just moved onto the section where the trainer text has disappeared and at first this was very unsettling for him but after a few lessons he got into the groove of it, and we are beginning to see his decoding skills transfer into ‘real life’ we noticed that while he was up town the other day that he was decoding the shops names and was telling me them without any prompting, we’ve also noticed that his reading has become more fluent and he doesn’t seem to stop and want to give up when he gets to tricky words anymore. We are so happy with how he is progressing and I’m looking forward to seeing how he continues to progress.

– K