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We would never have gotten this far without you

Jonty is now happy reading chapter books at night and is having more fun exploring reading this way. I will, however, be in touch should we come up against any hurdles in the future.

Please pass on my thanks to EasyRead and its team. We would never have gotten this far without you. It’s has been a fantastic transformation from frustrated non-reader to a happy reader.

– B

I was so happy to see her decoding!

Whilst we were out and about yesterday, out of nowhere Maddie ran over to a sign on the side of the bank and started to decode it. I was so happy to see this, as was an old lady who was walking past. “S-O-R-R-Y, Sorr-yuh, no, sorry!” and then read a few more words in this way. ‘Sorry this letterbox is no longer in use (in case you were interested!).

– L (Lesson 23)

Great news last night.

Great news last night. I was reading one of Daniel’s picture books to him (Max’s Words), which we’ve had for ages, and Daniel was able to read so many words and even some small sentences! The whole family was dancing around, and Daniel was so so proud. It’s the first time that he said “I’m learning, but it’s ok I’m going to get there”!

– S

What a remarkable difference we are seeing in her reading…

Very exciting.
What a remarkable difference we are seeing in her reading. She had an assessment at school and progressed a level in both fiction (to level 27) and non-fiction (to level 26).
I am seeing in her spelling of longer/unfamiliar words that she is phonetically spelling more than she has previously so words are more dechipherable. Shows she can decode and hear the sounds…now just to get the right version of the sound.

– I

She is thrilled to be on this mission! 

Thank you so much from both of us!
Franny’s spy glasses prize arrived today and she is thrilled to be on this mission!
Thank you so much, very exciting – we love the characters and Franny can’t wait to do her next lesson now.

– P (Lesson 3)

Sarann has really improved in leaps and bounds…

Thank you for your amazing program over the last year- it has been invaluable in assisting Sarann on her reading journey.

We have decided that we shall not be renewing at the end of this month as Sarann has really improved in leaps and bounds and has starting climbing in the reading groups and levels at school. We shall continue to monitor her progress and with the support around her she is going to be just fine. You have instilled a love for reading and writing in her which is wonderful to see and everything we had hoped that she would gain from your program. 🙂

Thank you again, your support and interest along the way has been greatly appreciated.

– N

He so far loves the lessons and looks forward to them.

The system is fun for the child. The characters are hilarious and easy to remember. They make my son giggle. The first few lessons are also very achievable and build on the child’s confidence, which my son desperately needed and needs. He so far loves the lessons and looks forward to them. Thank you! I also appreciated the 10 day trial, as it is a lot of money to invest and it’s good to check if it’s a good fit first.

– P (Lesson 11)

I loved every bit of the course!

I just cannot think about anything that you can improve as I loved every bit of the course and I had so much pleasure doing the program with Ben and see him progressing!

You are amazing team and it was really worth it to invest the money with your program. Thank you!

– A

Thank you so much, it has had an incredible impact!

Zenzi has transitioned over to reading early readers with a great amount of aptitude. I feel we have achieved what we came here for and she is ready for 1st grade. I would like to cancel her on-going subscription. Thank you so much, It had an incredible impact!!

– K

Her school commented on her progress …

Her school commented on her progress in the last few months and want to use her growth as a case study for other children. Have recommended Easyread!

– C

Amazing, mesmerizing, fun, creative, educational!

First of all I wanted to thank you so much for creating this amazing, mesmerizing, fun, creative, educational program. If it wasn’t for you I would never ever be able myself to teach and encourage my son to start reading not mentioning writing. Time flew and we noticed that Benjamin actually is reading better and better. We will still continue the program as there is always space to improve. We also are thankful for the opportunity to play with a helicopter and we take full responsibility to use it according to guidelines.
With warm greetings and gratefulness

– A

Totally in awe…

Thank you so much, this work has really been transforming for him. Totally in awe!

Laura (Montessori teacher)

Out of nowhere, it has become a battle to get Harriet to do her lessons…

Out of nowhere, it has become a battle to get Harriet to do her lessons. On the flip side….she has become addicted to reading her book series, so for us the program has been a success. My husband and I never wanted the pressures of reading to become a chore to her, thus we are reluctant to pressure her to continue with the easyread lessons at this stage.
Thanks to easyread for all the support. It has truly helped Harriet get over her reading avoidance, and instead develop a love of books.

– C

We are already seeing such a change in her everyday reading…

We are already seeing such a change in her everyday reading – she is wanting to read, she is decoding, her fluency and accuracy have improved dramatically and she is realising when it is not correct and re-reading. I can’t wait to see what happens as we continue on through the lessons. Look forward to the flow on effect with her spelling too.

– I (lesson 45)

This morning he bounced round our local library …

We have really enjoyed the programme and Monty is very proud to have completed it all. Thanks for the offer of continuing at half-price, but he’s too busy reading actual books now, which is fantastic. So, we would like cancel the ongoing subscription.

We are really grateful for your support. Monty used to cry coming home from school because he thought he was “thick”; this morning he bounced round our local library choosing books to read for the summer holidays. You should all be really proud of what you do; it has a profound impact.

– J

He has made great progress with his spelling…

The program has been fantastic for Angus. He has made great progress with his spelling which is the reason we chose to do the program but his reading fluency has also improved significantly. We are really happy with the progress he has made so far. We would like to continue on with the program for a bit longer as I feel the type race and writing lab in particular are really helping him improve his spelling and writing skills

– J

We have found Anessa’s progress using EasyRead to be phenomenal

We have found Anessa’s progress using EasyRead to be phenomenal and she is now more of an independent reader and this programme has helped her with her music also. She is a lot more confident reader and is reading more to her expected level for her age.

We want to thank you for your programme, and truly believe it has made a huge difference for Anessa’s reading and confidence.

– S

He loved the spy glasses …

He is much more open to learning if it is fun!
He loved the spy glasses btw and said he got them from his “games that he loves” which is your programme =)

– K

She is reading her own books at night for pleasure.

Her teacher has reported that she is using more complex language, and although her spelling is still interesting at times, she is making more attempts to edit her work and is recognizing misspelt words. Her reading fluency is much improved and decoding is becoming second nature. She is much more confident and she is willing to try different vowel sounds until she gets the words correct.

And from a home reading point of view – Hannah is reading her own books at night for pleasure and is taking a lot of pride in reading aloud to us.

So again, Thank You!!

– L

This program has changed reading into an enjoyable process

The support given by Easy Read via training and over the phone is really helpful. This program has changed reading into an enjoyable process for both Molly and and I and we know if we have any questions or problems, there is someone right there to guide us.

– I

What’s the best thing about Easyread so far?

Seeing his level of engagement and enjoyment. No problem doing his short lesson. He seems proud of how he is getting on. I love to hear him sounding out his words. He would never have done this before for me.

He went from being the disruptive boy to class star!

Ewan has made incredible progress since starting this system not just in his reading but in school life in general. He went from being the disruptive boy in class to class star.
He’s general reading has also improved even just in the sense of never wanting to read even a label to happily reading a chapter book.

– A (Lesson 70)

He has amazed us all… just as you said he would

Dear Sarah and team,
I am writing to request our time with easy read ends. Following the arrival of the helicopters (which is excellent and enjoyed by all in our family) James has been reluctant to continue with the lessons. I think for him the helicopters marked the end of all his hard work and he expressed a wish to finish. As you know I was concerned about this and really wanted to continue as your lessons have been great at engaging James.
I told him we needed to continue with easy read until he was able to transfer to reading books, which we would need to read everyday. He agreed and we bought some Bear Grylls survival stories.
He has amazed us all by reading 3 pages every day and although he reads slowly and steadily each time with fewer guesses and more fluently.
He is extremely pleased with himself too which is great to see.
So thank you to all at easy read I have learnt so much and my beautiful boy can read just as you said he would.
Best wishes