Parent Reviews of Easyread

Our most recent reviews:

We did this program 10 years ago…

I cannot recommend this program highly enough. My son was deemed to be struggling with reading at school at 6/7yrs old. (in fact he just wasn’t the 2 yrs ahead that the prep school measured the boys at). After the 7 month program, he went on to read all the Harry Potter books in a month. His confidence grew beyond measure and his studies have just flourished since. He will be sitting his A Levels next year – we followed this 10yrs ago. The structure of the course was easy to sustain even for working parents as you must support your child. The rewards were off the scale and were so relevant to my son’s interests. He kept motivated throughout. Thank you David and Easyread!
– B

No one would ever guess that she has ever struggled with dyslexia…

Hello! Our daughter, Lily was in the EasyRead program over a year ago. She continues to benefit from the program. She is a member of the GirlScouts and recently earned her Bronze Award. Part of earning the award is to give a short presentation on her project. She decided that she wanted to have notes to read from for her zoom presentation. In the past, reading in front of people has caused her to feel self-conscious. But she spent two days practicing her presentation and she did so well! She was articulate and clear and no one would ever guess that she has ever struggled with dyslexia. If you don’t mind, please share this with your team and, especially, David Morgan.We continue to be so proud of Lily’s efforts and were particularly so watching her present and earn her Bronze Award. We continue to remain so grateful for your excellent program.And today we were playing with her spy kit containing the prizes she earned through the program and laughing and celebrating the completion of her hard work.Eternal thanks from our family to everyone at EasyRead. We hope that you all are remaining healthy and well.Warmly,
– A

FINALLY – after a year of struggling…

TODAY I went to our public library and picked up a few simple books for Giuliana. She hasn’t read anything on her own – ever. When I broug them home, I gave them to her and told her these are books she could probably read on her own now. She read FOUR OF THEM IN A ROW. She decoded nearly every word on her own and was so proud of herself. I cried with happiness. FINALLY – after a year of struggling to just memorize sight words through the traditional education system, we had a breakthrough. It is all due to your program. I was so skeptical at first. But this program WORKS. My daughter who hated reading, cried about reading – she read 4 small books today. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for creating something so valuable and helpful. We are going to keep going a few more weeks for sure but thought you’d like to know our success today. Thank you again.

– E

We already see improvements in his confidence and performance…

Eli started third grade virtually last week. Although we’re still working on his reading speed and fluency, he is able to read grade level books. We already see improvements in his confidence and performance compared to last year as well. Thank you all again for the time and effort you put into this program, and for the encouragement and support you provide to students and families! It’s been a wonderful experience.

– W

From struggling to fluently reading…

The biggest success for us in regard to Easyread is that Anaru has enjoyed it. The games have been a huge part of this, but also the trainer text characters are engaging and interesting, and funny. This made a big difference for Anaru, as instead of struggling and slogging through tedious abstract letter symbols that he found trying, he had funny characters that made it easy and fun. If Anaru hadn’t like the course, we wouldn’t have bothered to continue with it, but he was engaged from the very beginning, and that was fantastic. Added to that, Anaru has progressed rapidly from struggling to being a fluent reader within the space of the progam. So, in just over 6 months he has moved from struggling to fluently reading – this is amazing, and just what we hoped for. He is reading at level for his age, and spelling really well, and I can see that in the next 6 months he will only improve even more rapidly, as his ability to sound out even large and challenging words means he’s now happy to tackle any text.
We are so happy with the course, and feel it was worth every dollar, because his confidence and happiness in his reading is invaluable.
Thanks so much to David for such a fabulous course, and I would recommend it to anyone.
Thanks again!!!

– M

I celebrate this as a huge hurdle that has been overcome!

We are very happy with the progress he has made this far and the increase in his willingness to read and enjoy it. For the first time he just completed a whole chpter bok and we have now bought him the whole series. I celebrate this as a huge hurdle that has been overcome. The continuing journey moving forward is no longer so daunting so thank you

– J

He picked up a book on his own accord…

Just last week he picked up a book, Wings of Fire, and read several pages. He needed help on some words, but did an excellent job. We did not prompt him to do this. He picked up the book on his own accord (out of the blue) and started reading aloud. It is a book well above his reading level. Upon finishing he said: “I used to be a poor reader.” I was thrilled!

– C

His life has changed for ever by learning to read…

Just to let you know that this time last year Hayden started Easyread at the age of 13 with a reading age of 7. During lockdown he has been reading before bed every night voluntarily and recently completed reading an entire book – something I never imagined he would achieve independently. His life has changed for ever by learning to read and Easyread was the only success we had in almost 10 years of trying to get him reading, both at home and in school. I can’t thank you enough.

– K

Hooray for Easyread – our lockdown saviour!

I was so pleased with her today.  Big high fives when she whizzed through it all.  I also videoed her reading tonight as she has really improved and has so much more confidence and enjoyment when reading.  Thank you so so much!  She’ll be very excited when I show her your email tomorrow.  Hooray for Easyread – our lockdown saviour!

– A

Daisy came to me and said she wanted to read to me!

Hi, just wanted to share something positive that happened today. Daisy came to me and said she wanted to read to me! She read a substantial amount of a book which has small text (with only a little help). Also when doing her lesson today she voluntarily chose to reduce the text size. Hurray, feel like things are moving forward. Thank you!

– J

I was looking for a learn-to-read program…

I was looking for a learn-to-read program that was engaging for my son, as I had tried several other programs that had just missed the mark. Many of the reviews I read prior to signing up were more relevant to correct reading challenges (and yes, I can see why the program would be great for that). I was looking for one for beginner readers for my 5 year old who hadn’t yet started school. The Easyread program was fantastic – it gave a fun structure, that has got him reading at a level I certainly wasn’t anticipating, and also gave me a way to assist with more complex words when we are reading books in our own time. We have done over 120 lessons now, and my son enjoys the games involved still (which is amazing in itself!). I also appreciated the parent training and awareness of what to look out for, and how to address issues seen. I do recommend this program to other parents – it was great for my young one whose attention is not easily held. – J.

We are on lesson 72 and Owen has improved by leaps and bounds!

We are on lesson 72 and Owen has improved by leaps and bounds! I think we are ready to stop even though we are not quite to 90. He is still 6 years old and he can now read 6 levels higher than he was when we started. He is at the correct level for grade 2 he will enter in the fall.

– S

I just wanted to feed back from the eye tracking exercise…

I just wanted to feed back from the eye tracking exercise. It has made a huge difference, so quickly, Saf is now confidently picking up chapter books and choosing to spend time reading, rather than me insisting on him doing it. I can’t believe that something so simple can make such a huge difference. I took a video of the first time I did it and have seen the improvement, his eyes are now able to move smoothly from side to side rather than jumping around and loosing focus.

– L

This program has helped her reading tremendously…

This program has helped her reading tremendously, and I am already recommending it to several people who have struggling readers, including teachers.She is no longer intimidated by long words, she sounds words out like she never did before, and she tries multiple options of sounds when she is figuring the words out. Her reading speed is much faster with improved comprehension. I am so grateful for your program. She will now enter 3rd grade being almost at grade level reading with her peers. She gained 2 full grades of reading skills in 10 months on your program.

– T

He can ‘feel’ the difference Easyread is making already…

I had a conversation with Tristan today about Easyread to gauge how he was feeling about it. In these 17 days he has never said he didn’t want to do it, in fact he has suggested to me or his dad that he wants to do the lesson for the day. THIS IS GREAT NEWS!

We have just gone back to school after two weeks holiday. Tristan started the Easyread programme during the holidays.

Tristan said that he found reading in class easier. He felt more confident and didn’t seem to hesitate so much.

This is great news as he has always been hesitant to read in class.

Thought I’d let you know about this. It sounds like he can ‘feel’ the difference Easyread is making already.

– S

This has been a game changer…

We are thrilled 🙂 Emma is free reading much more confidently, with greater speed and with a lot more enthusiasm.For the first time since she was really young she is reading for pleasure without parental hints.
Thank you so much. We love Easyread;the decoding and the games. It’s so well thought out, with the right level of challenge and with so much support given onscreen to Emma and to me as parent here.
Thanks again, this has been a game changer :)!

– V

Oliver has made huge progress over the last few months…

We feel Oliver has made huge progress over the last few months and he is now ready to move on.
We wanted to thank you for all the help and support you have offered Oliver and myself throughout this process and you have really made a difference to Oliver’s confidence, not to mention helping with his eye tracking and strength issues.

– C

Thank you so much for this program…

Thank you so much for this program. We now feel our son is ready to move on. He loved the program and it really helped him. His teachers are saying he is now on level. I want to move more towards him reading chapter books instead of online stuff. Having said that, please cancel our membership.

– A

Landon’s reading has significantly improved.

Landon’s reading has significantly improved. It’s much more fluid and consistent. He doesn’t stutter over the words or seem to be guessing anymore. It really is amazing to listen to him!


I just wanted to thank you and commend you…

I just wanted to thank you and commend you for the amazing program you have created and also the excellent prizes you award the children.
Oliver was so excited to receive his secret agent spy glasses and even more so knowing that they came from the country that the ‘real’ James Bond lives. This prize has given him an extra feeling of motivation and he has just completed Lesson 20 which feels like a milestone (for him and me!).
I am so grateful to have discovered the Easy Read program and the support you offer your participants. Ollie is now counting down to the next prize to arrive in our letterbox and his confidence and ability is growing every day.
Thank you so much,

Our review of Easyread

We are delighted with Easyread.

Things that I really liked about Easyread:
1) No claims that “Your child will be reading in one week!” Nobody should really believe those and I like that you stuck to your guns from the beginning about it being a process.

2) Focusing on the positive. Aeryn really wanted to learn how to read and was struggling no matter how much effort she put forth and it was very frustrating for me too. Focusing on positive feedback every step of the way made her much more willing to keep at it when it was hard and I liked the fact that I was her cheerleader instead of her enemy.

3) The Reading Difficulties training program. I took the whole thing and it was a better reading training than any training I had as I taught in public schools. Speaking of which, it said I could get a certificate when I completed it, but I couldn’t figure out how. Is that still possible?

4) The tailoring and assistance built into the program.

Aeryn said that she’s tickled that she can read now.

I just wanted to share Oscars progress.

I just wanted to share Oscars progress. Oscar loves to read the tree house story books by Andy Lee, and I caught him decoding for the first time ever the other night!!! I was so happy for him and proud of him.
Thank you, I really feel that the program is working well and we are going to see great results. Oscar is loving the games, especially fighter pilot.
We also received the first two rewards in the mail last week and yesterday. He thought the glasses were so cool!
thank you, thank you, thank you!!


We have been VERY happy with Georges progress

We have been VERY happy with Georges progress with the Easyread programme. Over the lockdown in NZ it was the perfect tool to help with his confidence and phonic awareness.

– N