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Participating in this program was a life saver!

I just wanted to send and update about Logan and his reading. We signed up for Easyread last year when Logan was in 1st grade because his teacher said he was behind in reading. Participating in this program was a life saver! With all your help and attention he got it! He has tested extremely high on his reading tests in third grade and is at reading level of 5.7. His teacher just asked if they could test him for the talented and gifted program. I am so thankful for your help. He couldn’t have done it without this program.
Thank you.

We are so thrilled with where Seamus is in his reading…

We are so thrilled with where Seamus is in his reading. He still has days were he is reluctant to do the 15 minutes but once he gets started, there is no more complaining. He is also continuing to read other books to his little brother, completely initiated by them. He is reading text in his surroundings. To his cousins and we are getting reports from his teacher that he is making huge leaps in his writing at school. I am a school teacher here in the public system and I have not seen a student who struggled to learn to then make this kind of progress. Thank you so much.

Today he got his interim report from school…

Sebastian has been doing really well with his reading, at school now as well. He hardly ever uses the trainertext characters for help with the programme, only the font size is still quite big (he prefers it that way but can read smaller if needed).

Today he got his interim report from school. For the first time ever he scored in the expected range for his age in reading. He’s very proud of himself, and so are we.

I also ordered the actual book of “Black Beauty” as he seems to enjoy reading it. I then showed him this and he couldn’t believe he is reading it. He said he would never have thought he’d be able to read a “real book” like that. We compared the text to his Easyread text and it’s identical, so now he’s even more impressed with himself.

In writing he’s still a little behind for his year group, but slowly making progress and putting more effort into it. He can no longer say he’s bad at reading, so we hope this will give him more confidence in general in his abilities.

Thank you so much for giving him this confidence! 🙂

I just wanted to share his huge success with you…

I also wanted to share Connor’s latest standardized testing scores with you. They test in Sept, January, and May. On a scale of 1000-3700, Connor scored a 2124 in September. This placed him in the Low Average category compared to both District and National average scores. However, in January, his score jumped 424 points to 2548 and is now rated High Average compared to both District and National average scores for mid-year testing!! On the Lexile reading scale, he went from a 225L (books like Fly Guy) to a 660L (books like Percy Jackson). I know that the vast majority of his improvement is from this program and I couldn’t be more proud of him. When I asked his Resource teacher what the average jump was, she said around 100 points between Sept and January and that a 400 point jump isn’t often seen over the course of a year. Is he ready to read Percy Jackson, no. But we have started reading Harry Potter as shared reading and he’s doing well with it. I keep his sections of reading small and just have him do a couple of sentences at a time, so he doesn’t get frustrated and quit. He’s enjoying the story and that’s the way I want it to stay.

Anyway, I just wanted to share his huge success with you. I can’t wait to see what his May testing says after we put another 3+ months of work in.

If he hadn’t done this course, I know he’d still be struggling.

Honestly this was/is a really great course. He truly has learned to read with Easyread, whereas if he hadn’t done this course, I know he’d still be struggling. I only wish I had signed up right away and hadn’t waited the couple months I did before I signed up. The way they teach reading in his school is just not effective. Your program really needs to be in all schools! Needless to say, I’m really pleased I found Easyread! And the support you and your team have given us has really been a huge help!

– J

I can’t even explain how excited I am…

I can’t even explain how excited I am about how Jayden is going. He doesn’t quite realise how well he is doing to be honest. I think he knows he’s improving but in his head he still tells himself he is bad at reading. We will continue praising him and encouraging him and hopefully one day he can be super proud of himself.

– L

You are doing very important work…

Hello. I would like to say huge thank you to EasyRead team for what you are doing. It is been awesome to see my daughter start reading more and more. We think it is time to leave.
Could you close account please.
Thank you Very much.
You are doing very important work

We have reached grade level!

This has been a wonderful program and has really really helped her. I feel like we’ve reached a point where we are successfully reading at Grade level and can use the tools we have learned to carry on on our own for now. Thank you so much for providing such a great & positive program we both really enjoyed it!


Change happening so fast!

I have already posted a review and agree that everyone should know about your wonderful program. This program has done so much for my daughter, she can read and the change happened so fast!! It is so amazing, thank you!!

I can’t thank you enough for what Easyread has done for both of my kids…

I can’t thank you enough for what Easyread has done for both of my kids. Sarah has received a C for reading and writing at the end of last year Her teachers have been amazed at her progress, to the point that the reading intervention that she was receiving has ceased.

Sarah is confident in her reading ability and happy to read aloud.

I would like to discontinue my subscription to easyread reluctantly but Sarah has outgrown it and is preferring to read books.

Sarah loves the helicopter and her older brother is very jealous.

Thanks to you and David for the help and at every opportunity I tell people about Easyread.

– K

Teacher noticing gains!

I had a note from Sadie’s teacher last week saying that she is seeing a solid improvement in both her fluency and confidence!

What we love about Easyread

The quick, daily lessons, which are short enough to hold her attention and get through easily, but have still been enough to make an impact. The silly, potty jokes and humor really engage her and make her think the program is fun and cool and not like other boring school stuff. The codeword prizes are extremely motivating. Winter looks forward to receiving the prizes and is always eager to do her daily lesson because she never knows when she will reach the next codeword.

I’ve learned lots and have had soooooo much fun!

Thanks so much, I have reached the last codeword this program helped me so much and I’ve learned lots and have had soooooo much fun.

– Emma (aged 10)

We have really enjoyed this great program! Thanks for all of the support! Emma told me this week that she is now in the top spelling group in her class, and I attribute that to Easyread. She’s ready to take responsibility for her helicopter with my permission.


– Emma’s Mom

I don’t know where we would be without you.

My daughter has made so much progress with easyread, I would like to try ending the programme. The results were spectacular and Charlotte received the confidence and building blocks needed to jump start her reading. I don’t know where we would be without you.

– L

I think everyone should learn to read using this method!

QUESTION 2) Could you tell us a few things that you have liked about the course so far?
1. It is so easy to get him to do easy read because it is so much fun.
2. I love the system of learning the code to read, I think everyone should learn to read using this method!
3. Its nice that its short lessons, which I think keeps him wanting to do it every day, he knows its short and fun and usually he wishes he could do more, which makes it easier to do the next day!

– E

I will forever be grateful for this valuable resource…

EasyRead has been fantastic, and led me to the proper path of how to assist her. I will forever be grateful for this valuable resource. She still has her trainertext cards, and we use them all the time. When trying to decode a word I will always say “umbrella man”, “octopus” or “ant in pink pants” for those pesky vowel sounds.
I will continue to recommend EasyRead to everyone I see. Everyone always asks me what has assisted Maggie so much up to this point, and I always tell them. Also remind them that administrators are well aware of English differences and the system is built with them in mind.

Thank you so much!
– M

Thanks so much!

Thanks so much Sarah. He is doing so well. We are delighted with his progress and very proud of him.. We are looking forward to what the next few months bring.

  • C

Easyread by far, is the best learn to read program out there.

Easyread by far, is the best learn to read program out there offering a simplified yet effective solution to an issue that is difficult and often stressful for a child as well as the parent/teacher to work through.

Olivia enjoys the humor in the lessons, especially in the library section. That has been a big part of what has made this course so much fun for her. The prizes as incentives have also helped to keep her focused on succeeding in the course. In combination with the continual praise she receives from me the validation she hears throughout her lessons have also been encouraging and helpful in building her esteem.

I like that I am able to reach out at anytime with any questions, no matter how small, and always receive a detailed and thoughtful answer.

The program has made such a difference to our lives…

Thanks very much! I am happy to see the progress that Hannah is making and we are both really happy with the program. It has made such a difference to our lives in a positive way I cannot even begin to express how much I appreciate the system. We will continue working towards that level 8 goal…. 🙂

I am just so excited i had to let someone know!

HI Lydia!
I am just so excited i had to let someone know! Maximus was a total Rockstar today in reading! Its the first time, literally seems like overnight, that he read all his words like he actually knew what he was doing… like he knew how to read! Im super stoked! Fingers crossed its onwards and upwards from here!
– J

For the first time EVER…

I thought you might like to hear that yesterday, for the first time EVER, Jayden said “I’m good at reading”. A very wonderful thing to hear!

We can’t thank you enough!!

We can’t thank you enough!! This has been a huge part of our lives for the past year and half. The Easyread program has done more than just taught our girl to read, it has boosted her self-confidence, taught her to overcome obstacles, made going to school not a fight (this ones huge), and opened up her world to more possibilities. With a sad heart and excitement for the future, we will stop here. Vienne will be moving forward with books. We will continue to recommend Easyread to anyone and everyone we can, it’s a life changer. Thank you for everything.

Reading score jumped 200 points!

Please cancel Parker’s learner account. Easyread was great for him for the first 100 or so lessons, he has since tapered off and has lost interest. Thank you for helping him as much as he has been helped. We’re cancelling because Easyread works, not because we’re unhappy with the wonderful system. Parker is now 12 and finds the games and system to bee too young for him. Since August of 2019 Parker’s standardized reading score jumped 200 points!!! His teacher asked what we did, we told them about your great system. We will forget ahead, keeping the 1 on 1 reading time with dad to further refine Parker and Kai’s reading ability. Thank you

His teacher was blown away…

His confidence in reading is steadily improving and he is reading more difficult books outside of Easy read. We do the ninja finger tracking exercises most evenings and I am seeing him following lines of text easier without skipping lines or words as often as he did in the past. One huge improvement from school is that he had a language test just prior to the holiday break and his teacher was blown away at how much his understanding of what he is reading has improved. His overall reading score increased only four points, but his comprehension jumped over 20 points from the test comparison done at the beginning of the school year, placing him at grade level with comprehension. I attribute that to Easy read. He is still a slow reader, but we continue to see weekly progress. I can’t wait to see what his reading improvements will be as the program is continued. Thank you all so very much!