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Before Easyread, getting Harry to read anything was a real battle. He would skip words, use the pictures in books for clues, and stumble over even the simplest words. On one day he would read quite well, but on another he would be awful. His spelling was atrocious too, from small words to big ones. His confidence in himself was at an all-time low.

client imageAfter Harry’s mother Lucy found Easyread, things started to change. The program was very easy to use, the length of the lessons (15 minutes) was perfect, and the games were good fun for Harry. The way the program was set up made it very achievable in the rush of getting ready for school in the morning. Though it wasn’t all plain-sailing and fairy-tales all the way through, Harry was more often than not very happy to login for his lesson and he rarely missed a day. In all, it was a positive experience.

The results were initially slow to become obvious but it’s now clear that Easyread has made a huge impact. His confidence has really grown and he is now happily reading on his own – and enjoying it! Lucy listened to him read recently and was so proud at how amazing his reading was. He is now very fluent and reads tricky words without a problem. At a recent parents evening at school, his literacy teacher expressed how pleased she was with his effort and enthusiasm. Harry now works tremendously hard and gets good results. His reading is now above expectation for his age, and his spelling is right on target. Especially exciting was the revelation that Harry now has the confidence to read in front of his peers – he is always the first to put his hand up to read now!