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Hi, even though it is early days we are definitely seeing progress with Jordan’s reading – he has gone up 3 levels in reading in the classroom since he started the program and actually skipped one level because he was catching up to his peers so quickly.

We did also find out that he needed to wear reading glasses at this time which of course also helped but this program has most definitely boosted his reading confidence. He is now just slightly behind what is expected of him in his reading for his age and is now on par with quite a few other kids in his class which is also helping to boost his confidence.

Starting this program whilst he was still in Kindergarten, whilst he definitely has found it much harder than his 7 year old brother, it has also meant that he is able to catch up to the reading level of his peers a lot quicker and I can definitely see that by the end of the year Jordan should be at the reading level that is expected of him.