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I have absolutely no reservations in endorsing the Easyread system and have strongly recommended this to several people already.  My son was just turning 9 years old when we started the programme and had made minimal progress at school with his reading.  He was receiving teacher-aide time, and we were paying for a private tutor; we read with him daily and went through lists of sight words – nothing seemed to make any difference.  He was unable to sound out the most basic words and once he had deciphered one he was not able to then read the same word if it came up again on the next line.  The entire process was demoralising, it felt punitive and we were desparate for something to help him and us.  He is a bright lad and was feeling more distressed at his own lack of progress.  The Easyread programme was something that we comfortably fitted into our daily routine and by the end of it Isaac’s reading had moved up 8 (or 9 – I would need to double check) levels at school.  He had only moved up 4 levels in the four years of attending school before commencing this programme.  He wasn’t guessing at words any more and there was a flow to his reading.  Now he is able to pick reading books that are of interest to him and I am astounded at the difference and I still feel very emotional listening to him read.  I am so incredibly grateful to David and the entire team for their support and good advice and feel very fortunate that we found this programme when we did.  We had also worked on Isaac’s eye tracking with exercises provided by a Behavioural Optometrist but it was only the intensive eye tracking exercises and tips provided by Easyread that actually sorted this problem out.
We had always been told, by different professionals, that Isaac learns differently and that we need to provide the information differently – we just had no idea how we were to do that – until we stumbled across this programme whilst endlessly searching on-line for help.  It would be great for all children identified as struggling emergent readers to work through the Easyread system.