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Easyread is now part of the daily routine for me and Freya. It’s amazing how she has become so familiar with all the characters and notices that they are used to represent different letters/sounds. For example the eagle can represent the sound ee or ea, (as in bee and bead), which is a more recent progression. She is now sounding out small words with confidence and is more keen to sound out words from school books which wasn’t the case before.

The fact that the lessons are short means we don’t have too much of an issue with concentration. Freya logs in to the actual lesson with her own password and is so familiar with the easy setup that I can get my coffee ready while she sets up the daily lesson!!

I have nothing but praise for the support network as any issues I might have are dealt with so quickly and positively. I am definitely glad I got on board quickly as I know I am giving Freya a really positive start to reading which I wish I had known about for my older daughter.