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I just want to let you know that all is very well on our end! This week I am starting to see a break through with Will and his reading away from Easyread.

A couple of days ago, he happily read a book that previously would have given him lots of trouble. Typically he only reads books with single line text and often guesses at simple words. This book had stacked text and he only hesitated at 2 b/d beginning words- no guessing on any of the others. And last night (without me suggesting!) he read 2 pages of comics on his own out loud, with little help.

I am also seeing more willingness at trying other things he previously would have put off, like playing math games, writing words and numbers and other things that may seem little, but to me are huge in his moving forward in learning in general.

His Easyread lesson progress seems steady. He is more reluctant to play any games so we have compromised to playing Eggi if he doesn’t choose a game.

So thanks again for your system and support.

Also, for the future prize, fart machines are welcome here. ; )