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So far Kalani is really enjoying Easyread, at first the image only text took awhile for him to decode, sometimes he wouldn’t finish but in the last week or so he’s become more confident and will finish the whole lesson. He knows most of the characters, though there are some that don’t come up as much (cr, dr, sc) and he will check his sheets. His guessing when doing Easyread is nearly gone, he slips up every now and then, mainly when he tries to read quicker. Reading at home has improved, mainly with the small words like it, is, the, and, etc. His reading has slowed down and he reads every word, he will also ask for help with words he doesn’t know instead of guessing.
When we are out, Kalani is more confident to read signs or messages, which he refused to do before Easyread.
I am extremely happy with Easyread, Kalani has made huge improvements in his reading, it will be interesting to see how his reading at school goes.