I thought I would ask Rebecca what she thought of Easyread… this is what she said.

…I like the games and you get to do reading in Easyread. It shows that it really is easy to read…

all her own words : )

Happy child = happy mum.

It is just wonderful to see Rebecca enjoying reading again. She has started going to her little bookshelves and picking books to ‘read’. She stopped doing this a while back, before Easyread. She used to get very stressed about reading. She enjoys every lesson. She smiles and laughs whilst doing it. Half the battle won.
And her reading at school has improved. So her teachers say… and I’ve not told them that she’s doing this, so no prompting there.

I find the interface of dealing with you all through messages (or calls if I needed) very easy. The instructions for both parent and child are straightforward. And the prizes are good quality and don’t break after 30 seconds.

Rebecca used to get tears and red eyes from reading and I couldn’t figure out what was wrong – trip to the hairdresser to cut the fringe; trip to the opticians to check the eye sight. No problems there, no solutions. Then we took the eye-tracker test, and bingo the cause of the red eyes was found. So big thanks for the eye exercises and eggy.

Rebecca now actually talks to me in sounds sometimes… so she’ll say… m-u-m, mum, c-a-n, can, y-oo, you, g-e-t, get …. and so on… she says she also think of the Easyread characters when reading in school and they help her along : )

And her little sister (4 in September) doesn’t miss a lesson either. When Easyread comes on she stands on a chair to watch the lesson. She also gets very excited.

So far so good, a well devised system that really engages the child and makes reading accessible and fun.