The school has used the programme with children who have dyslexic tendencies since 2011.

We have had great success with Easyread.All the children who have completed the programme have made progress …some outstanding! All the children have grown in confidence and they tackle new words without being prompted.

One of the issues that Easyread has high lighted with the majority of our pupils is, eye tracking. A couple of children have followed David Morgan’s advice regarding tracking and also followed this up with intensive eye therapy pupils rate of reading went up by over 3 years.

Another issue highlighted has been poor/weak short term memory skills. There are various games included in the programme, that work at the child’s pace, so that they do not get frustrated and help to improve this.

David Morgan is easily contacted via email or phone. He has even been out to visit our school and saw a couple of children completing their programmes. His advice has been invaluable in helping our children.

I would highly recommend the reading programme and the professional and friendly advice of the team from Easyread.


Karen, St Aloysius School