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(VIDEO) What is Trainertext Visual Phonics?

by Lydia Cockburn || 01 February 2019

The Trainertext Visual Phonics (TVP) method has proved to be incredibly effective.

It is always exciting when things start to fall into place for a child who has been struggling with reading for years, thanks to these visual trainertext characters.

And more and more, we are seeing that the method also works for children who are at the beginning of the learn-to-read journey.

The online Easyread system is the simplest way to use Trainertext to help a child (with guaranteed results), but you can also do the DIY approach: using print-outs of the characters cards to get children decoding words.

It can take a moment to understand this new way of learning to read, but once you do, the process is very simple and fun.

So, we created this video to make it crystal clear what TVP is and how you can use it. Enjoy!


You can find free print-outs of the trainertext characters here or buy the cards here.

Lydia Cockburn studied French and Linguistics at Oxford University. She spends her days supporting Easyread families from the Oxford Easyread headquarters. When not helping kids reach their reading goals, she can be found playing music or football!